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Wildflower Bloom in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington


gray rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosa)

The photo above shows gray rabbitbrush (Ericameria nauseosa) in bloom along Washington State Road #14 north of The Dalles.

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[Wildflower-orientated Hikes for July & August 2007]

October 7, 2007: Native Plant Society of Oregon Field Trip in the Eastern Columbia River Gorge

September 1, 2007: West Bank of the Deschutes River - Heritage Park -

August 22, 2007: Washington State Highway 14 East of US Highway 97 -

May 24, 2007: Grassy Knoll

April 14, 2007: Catherine Creek -

April 13, 2007: Klickitat River Canyon (from Lyle, WA to Glenwood, WA)

April 7, 2007: Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve -

Wildflower bloom for most species (as of April 7, 2007) is still about one to two weeks later for each species, although there always are some exceptions. Reports indicate that the camas should be blooming fairly abundantly at Catherine Creek by April 14.

March 17, 2007: Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve -

March 17, 2007: Access Road to the Parking Area at the Base of the Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve -

March 17, 2007: The Dalles Mt. Road -

March 5, 2007: It has been a late spring for wildflower bloom in the Columbia River Gorge, compared to the 2004-06 seasons. If weather continues to be warm, next weekend should be prime time to view the earliest blooming wildflowers in the Gorge. Potential early season wildflower destinations include the old railroad bed on the east bank of the Deschutes River, Horsethief Butte, the Dalles Mt. Road into the Columbia Hills, the area around Doug's Beach, the Klickitat Rails to Trails, and of course, Catherine Creek. See the "Wildflower Destinations in the Gorge" link at the top of the page for directions and some date specific plant lists.

January 22, 2007: The bloom period for wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge has already commenced on the Washington side of the Columbia River between Catherine Creek in the west and the Dallesport, WA in the east. A few grass widows and pungent desert parsleys have been observed in bloom. I believe that there is still snow at higher elevations, but as that disappears with warm temperatures this week, one may also begin to see wildflowers blooming along the Dalles Mt. Road.

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