[Pacific Northwest Wildflowers]

Currently Blooming Wildflowers in Oregon & Washington

Elkhorns Clarkia: Clarkia pulchella

Malheur National Forest [Field Trip Info]

Ochoco National Forest [Field Trip Info]

Washington and Oregon State Plant Lists: Comprehensive plant lists listed by state and county for a number of areas in Oregon and Washington.

Wildflower Bloom West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington.: (Currently updated in 2020. This would be representative of wildflower bloom for low elevation areas west of the foothills of the Cascade Mts. to the coast.)

Columbia River Gorge: (Currently updated in 2023. Includes many wildflowers found between Troutdale, OR and Umatilla, OR)

Cascade Mountains: (Updated in 2023. Alpine and meadow wildflowers (See especially the updated section on Mt. Adams!).

Central and Eastern Oregon (Updated in 2023.)

Central and Eastern Washington : (Updated in 2023.)

Siskiyou Mountains: (Updated in 2022.)

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