[Bloom Reports for the Washington Cascades]

Bird Creek Meadows & Hell Roaring Overlook

Yakima Indian Reservation

A Native Plant Society of Oregon Fieldtrip.

August 4, 2001

Spreading Groundsmoke: Gayophytum diffusum

Spreading Groundsmoke: Gayophytum diffusum

Wildflowers are still in full bloom at Bird Creek Meadows. There are several snow patches below the upper rim on the south side of Hell Roaring Meadows, but condidions are much drier than I can remember from recent years. The route walked included the trailhead to Hell Roaring Overlook, then proceed at the first right to hike along the rim itself. Continue past the overlook high above Hell Roaring Meadows to the moraine. Then descend back to the overlook and hike down the loop trail to the Bird Creek Meadows picnic area. Then proceed east along the Round the Mt. Trail back to the trailhead. Be aware that there is a $5.00 fee that will be collected along the road by members of the Yakima Nation to visit this beautiful area. Camping fees are extra.

* Indicates the wildflower is in bloom.

On the road to Bird Creek Meadows (Below Mirror Lake):

*1. Broad-petal Strawberry: Fragaria virginiana var.platypetala - Fruits are ripe!

*2. Spreading Groundsmoke: Gayophytum diffusum

*3. Sidebells Pyrola: Pyrola secunda var. secunda

*4. Glaucous Penstemon: Penstemon euglaucus

*5. Yarrow: Achillea millefolium

*6. Orange Agoseris: Agoseris aurantiaca

*7. Pearly Everlastings: Anaphalis margaritacea

*8. Rabbitbrush Goldenweed: Ericameria bloomeri

Wildflowers in Bloom at Bird Creek Meadows and along the south rim above Hell Roaring Meadows:

1. Coral Fungus

2. Boletus species ?

3. Pacific Silver Fir: Abies amabilis

4. Subalpine Fir: Abies lasiocarpa

5. White Bark Pine: Pinus albicaulis

6. Mt. Hemlock: Tsuga mertensiana

*7. Cat's Ear: Calochortus subalpinus

*8. Green False Hellebore: Veratrum viride

*9. Heart-leaf Buckwheat: Eriogonum compositum var. compositum

*10. Oval-leaf Buckwheat: Eriogonum ovalifolium var. nivale

*11. Dirty Socks: Eriogonum pyrolaefolium

*12. Sulphur-flowered Buckwheat: Eriogonum umbellatum var. hausknechti

*13. Newberry's Fleeceflower: Polygonum newberryi

*14. Pussy-paws: Spraguea umbellata:

*15. Mountain Sandwort: Arenaria capillaris ssp. americana

*16. Parry's Campion: Silene parryi

*17. Marsh-marigold: Caltha biflora

*18. Cascade Rock Cress: Arabis furcata

*19. Lyall's Rock Cress: Arabis lyallii var. lyallii

*20. Shortfruit Smelowskia: Smelowskia ovalis ?

*21. Spreading Stonecrop: Sedum divergens

*22. Rusty Saxifrage: Saxifraga ferruginea - Nearly out of bloom.

*23. Tolmie's Saxifrage: Saxifraga tolmiei

*24. Partridge Foot: Luetkea pectinata

*25. Drummond's Cinquefoil: Potentilla drummondii

*26. Fan-leaf Cinquefoil: Potentilla flabellifolia

*27. Sticky Cinquefoil: Potentilla glandulosa var. pseudorupestris

*28. Cinquefoil: Potentilla sp. ?

29. Sitka Mt. Ash: Sorbus sitchensis- Berries are green.

*30. Mountain Spiraea: Spiraea densiflora

*31. Subalpine Lupine: Lupinus arcticus

*32. Low Mt. Lupine: Lupinus lepidus var. lobbii

*33. Mt. Adams Lupine: Lupinus alpicola (L. sericeus var. fikeranus)

*34. Gray's Lovage: Ligusticum grayii

*35. Martindale's Desert Parsley: Lomatium martindalei var. angustifolium

*36. Merten's Mountain Heather: Cassiope mertensiana var. mertensiana - Nearly out of bloom.

*37. Pink Mountain-heath: Phyllodoce empetriformis

*38. Yellow Mountain-heath: Phyllodoce glandulifera

39. Whortleberry: Vaccinium scoparium - In fruit.

*40. Mt. Bog Gentian: Gentiana calycosa var. calycosa - Just beginning bloom.

*41. Alpine Collomia: Collomia debilis var. larsenii

*42. Spreading Phlox: Phlox diffusa var. longistylis

*43. Western Polemonium: Polemonium occidentale

*44. California Polemonium: Polemonium californicum

*45. Silverleaf Phacelia: Phacelia hastata var. compacta

*46. Common Paintbrush: Castilleja miniata

*47. Magenta Paintbrush: Castilleja parviflora var. oreopola

*48. Suksdorf's Paintbrush: Castilleja suksdorfii

*49. Thompson's Paintbrush: Castilleja thompsonii

*50. Lewis' Monkeyflower: Erythranthe lewisii

*51. Turtle Heads: Nothochelone nemorosa

*52. Bracted Lousewort: Pedicularis bracteosa var. flavida

*53. Elephant-head Lousewort: Pedicularis groenlandica

*54. Leafy (Sickle-top) Pedicularis: Pedicularis racemosa

*55. Davidson's Penstemon: Penstemon davidsonii

*56. Small-flowered Penstemon: Penstemon procerus var. tolmiei

*57. Rock Penstemon: Penstemon rupicola

*58. American Alpine Speedwell: Veronica wormskjoldii

*59. Northern Valerian: Valeriana sitchensis

*60. Yarrow: Achillea millefolium

*61. Umber Pussy-toes: Antennaria umbrinella ?

*62. Woolly Pussy-toes: Antennaria lanata

*63. Rosy Pussy Toes: Antennaria rosea

*64. Broad-leaved Arnica: Arnica latifolia

*65. Hairy Arnica: Arnica mollis

*66. Alpine Aster: Orestemma alpigenum

*67. Cascade Aster: Eucephalus ledophyllus

*68. Cut-leaf Daisy: Erigeron compositus var. glabratus

*69. Subalpine Daisy: Erigeron glacialis ssp. glacialis

*70. White-flowered Hawkweed: Hieracium albiflorum

*71. Alpine Hawkweed: Hieracium gracile

*72. Woolly-weed: Hieracium scouleri var. scouleri

*73. Dwarf Hulsea: Hulsea nana

*74. Alpine Lake Agoseris: Microseris (Nothocalais ?) alpestris ?

*75. Streambank Groundsel: Senecio pseudaureus

*76. Arrow-leaf Groundsel: Senecio triangularis

*77. Dune Goldenrod: Solidago spathulata var. nana

Animals Seen

Dark-eyed Junco- numerous

Common Raven: Numerous

Camp Robber / Gray Jay- numerous

Clark's Nutcracker- numerous near timberline

Least Chipmunks: Tamias minimus ?-several

Cascades Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel: Spermophilus saturatus - One

Numerous black-tailed deer tracks and spore

White Butterfly: Pieris sp. -

Fritillary: Boloria or Speyeria spp. -numerous

Paul Slichter