[Wildflower Bloom Reports for the Columbia River Gorge: 2018]

Wildflower Bloom in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

Catherine Creek

March 25, 2018

False Agoseris: Nothocalais troximoides

False Agoseris: Nothocalais troximoides

* Indicates the wildflower is currently in bloom.

Comprehensive Catherine Creek Plant List

Weather: Sunny with winds to 20 mph. Temps upper 40s in the morning rising to upper 50s in the afternoon. Areas exposed to wind were cold, those protected from wind were comfortable.

Antlered Perfume: Evernia prunastri

Wolf Lichen: Letharia vulpina

Glossy Red Bryum Moss: Bryum miniatum

Homalothecium Moss: Homalothecium sp.

Juniper Haircap Moss: Polytrichum juniperinum

Polytrichum Moss: Polytrichum pilferum

Elongate Racomitrium Moss: Racomitrium elongatum ?

Wallace's Spikemoss: Selaginella wallacei

Fragile Fern: Cystopteris fragilis

Licorice Fern: Polypodium glycyrrhiza

* Bigleaf Maple: Acer macrophyllum - Beginning to bloom.

Ponderosa Pine: Pinus ponderosa var. ponderosa

Oregon White Oak: Quercus garryana

Tapertip Onion: Allium accuminatum - Basal leaves abundant on rock outcrops with shallow soils.

Ball-head Cluster Lily: Dichelostemma congestum (formerly Brodiaea congesta) - Basal leaves only.

Common Camas: Camassia quamash var. breviflora - Many plants with well-formed flower buds above Highway 8.

* Glacier Lily: Erythronium grandiflorum var. grandiflorum

* Chocolate Lily: Fritillaria affinis - Many plants with well-formed flower buds.

* Yellow Bells: Fritillaria pudica - A good bloom year!

* Meadow Death-camas: Zigadenus venenosus var. venenosus - Beginning to bloom.

* Grass Widows: Olsynium douglasii (old var. douglasii) - Fading out of bloom.

Rein-orchid: Piperia sp.

* Miner's Lettuce: Claytonia perfoliata var. perfoliata - Beginning to bloom.

Bitterroot: Lewisia rediviva - A few plants with small flower buds.

* Water Chickweed: Montia fontana var. tenerrima

* Line-leaf Montia: Montia linearis

* Chickweed: Stellaria media

* Upland Larkspur: Delphinium nuttallianum var. nuttallianum - Beginning to bloom.

* Western Buttercup: Ranunculus occidentalis var. occidentalis

* Shining Oregon Grape: Berberis aquifolium

* Dutchman Breeches: Dicentra cucullaria

* Oregon Fairy Poppies: Meconella oregana

* Oaks Toothwort: Cardamine nuttallii

* Spring Whitlow Grass: Draba verna

* Shepherd's Cress: Teesdalia nudicaulis

* Smooth Praire Star: Lithophragma glabrum (Synonym: Lithophragma glabra)

* Small-flowered Prairie Star: Lithophragma parviflorum - Beginning to bloom.

Northwestern Saxifrage: Saxifraga integrifolia var. claytoniifolia - In bud.

* Northwestern Saxifrage: Saxifraga integrifolia var. integrifolia

* Rustyhair Saxifrage: Saxifraga rufidula - Fading out of bloom.

Mock Orange: Philadelphus lewisii - Beginning to leaf out.

Oceanspray: Holodiscus discolor - Beginning to leaf out.

* Small-flowered Lupine: Lupinus micranthus - Beginning to bloom.

Columbia Gorge Lupine: Lupinus latifolius x sericeus - One plant with a raceme full of buds along old Highway 8 adjacent to Rowland Lake.

Bighead Clover: Trifolium macrocephalum - Leaves.

* Filaree: Erodium cicutarium

Dovefoot Geranium: Geranium molle

Poison Oak: Rhus diversiloba - A few plants with signs they are about to leaf out.

* Columbia Desert Parsley: Lomatium columbianum- Past peak bloom.

* Klickitat Desert Parsley: Lomatium klickitatense

* Biscuitroot: Lomatium macrocarpum (yellow-flowered form)

* Bare-stem Desert Parsley: Lomatium nudicaule

* Poet's Shooting Star: Dodecatheon poeticum - Still a week or two from peak bloom.

* Midget Phlox: Microsteris gracilis

* Meadow Nemophila: Nemophila pedunculata

* Great Houndstongue: Cynoglossum grande

* Slender Popcorn Flower: Plagiobothrys tenellus - Beginning to bloom.

* Small-flowered Blue-eyed Mary: Collinsia parviflora

* Few-flowered Blue-eyed Mary: Collinsia sparsiflora

* Chickweed Monkey Flower: Erythranthe alsinoides - Beginning to bloom. It could be a very good year for this species!

* Common Monkey Flower: Erythranthe guttata - Beginning to bloom.

Barrett's Penstemon: Penstemon barrettiae

Dwarf Owl-clover: Triphysaria pusilla - Nearing bloom.

* Naked Broomrape: Orobanche uniflora var. occidentalis

* Naked Broomrape: Orobanche uniflora var. purpurea

Bedstraw, Cleavers: Galium aparine

* Big Root: Marah oreganus

* Rosy Plectritis: Plectritis congesta - Beginning to bloom.

* White Plectritis: Plectritis macrocera

Yarrow: Achillea millefolium

Spearleaf Agoseris: Agoseris retrorsa

* Carey's Balsamroot: Balsamorhiza careyana - A few plants beginning to bloom near Rowland Lake..

* Gold Stars: Crocidium multicaule - Fading out of bloom.

* False Agoseris, Prairie Dandylion: Nothocalais troximoides - Beginning to bloom.

Western Groundsel: Senecio integerrimus var. exaltatus - Basal leaves only.

* Common Dandylion: Taraxacum officinale

Animals Seen Along This Route Today:

Turkey Vultures

Northern Flickers

Stellers Jays

Scrub Jays

Western Meadowlarks

Western Bluebirds

Dark-eyed Juncos

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