[The Figwort Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Paintbrushes Found East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Castilleja

Castilleja xanthotricha
Yellow-leaved Paintbrush: Castilleja xanthotricha

Paintbrushes Found East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington:

Violet Desert Paintbrush, Violet Desert Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja angustifolia var. angustifolia (Synonym: Castilleja angustifolia var. bradburii) -

Applegate's Paintbrush, Wavy-leaved Paintbrush: Castilleja applegatei var. applegatei (Synonym: Castilleja applegatei ssp. applegatei) - Stems often branched, from 10-25 cm high. Herbage very glandular-viscid and villous. Leaves with wavy margins, entire or the upper ones with a pair of lateral lobes. Inflorescence bracts scarlet tipped, 3-cleft to the middle or below with linear lobes, the middle lobe the widest. Calyx 18-25 mm long and equally cleft medianly one-third to one-half its length. The linear calyx lobes are 3-5 mm long. The corolla is 2.5-3.5 cm long, the galea about equal (13-16 mm) to the corolla tube. Cascades and east slope Cascades.

Applegate's Paintbrush, Wavy-leaf Paintbrush: Castilleja applegatei var. pinetorum (Synonyms: Castilleja applegatei var. fragilis, Castilleja applegatei ssp. pinetorum, Castilleja pinetorum, Castilleja wherryana) - Stems rarely branched, from 30-60 cm high. Herbage strongly puberulent with pilose and shorth glandular hairs. Leaves with wavy margins, entire or the upper ones with a pair of lateral lobes. Bracts and calyces scarlet or yellow-tipped (the latter from SE OR). Calyx 20-24 mm long and equally cleft medianly one-half its length.The lanceolate acuminate lobes 1.5-2 mm long. The corolla is 23-30 mm long with decurved, narrow galea 8-12 mm long.

Cobwebby Paintbrush: Castilleja arachnoidea (Synonyms: Castilleja arachnoidea ssp. arachnoidea, Castilleja arachnoidea var. arachnoidea, Castilleja filifolia, Castilleja payneae)

Attenuate Indian Paintbrush, Narrowleaf Paintbrush, Valley Tassels, Valley-tassels: Castilleja attenuata (Synonym: Orthocarpus attenuatus) -

Meadow Paintbrush: Castilleja campestris var. campestris (Synonyms: Orthocarpus campestris, Orthocarpus campestris ssp. campestris) -

Deer Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja cervina -

Green-tinged Paintbrush: Castilleja chlorotica -

Desert Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja chromosa (Synonyms: C. chromosa var. dubia, Castilleja ewanii, Castilleja martinii ssp. ewanii, Castilleja martinii var. ewanii, Castilleja pyramidalis)

Wallowa Paintbrush, Yellow Paintbrush: Castilleja chrysantha (Synonyms: Castilleja indecora, Castilleja ownbeyana, Castilleja wallowensis)

Colleagues Paintbrush: Castilleja collegiorum - Collected north of Chemult, OR.

Cusick's Paintbrush: Castilleja cusickii

Wenatchee Indian Paintbrush, Elmer's Paintbrush: Castilleja elmeri (Synonym: Castilleja angustifolia var. whitedii) -

Annual Paintbrush: Castilleja exilis (C. minor) -

Rustic Paintbrush: Castilleja flava var. rustica (Synonym: Castilleja rustica) -

Fraternal Paintbrush, Limestone Paintbrush: Castilleja fraterna

Glandular Paintbrush, Gland Indian Paintbrush, Sticky Paintbrush: Castilleja glandulifera

Giant Red Indian Paintbrush, Slender Indian Paintbrush, Slender Paintbrush: Castilleja gracillima (Synonyms: Castilleja confusa, Castilleja inconstans, Castilleja miniata ssp. miniata, Castilleja oblongifolia, Castilleja uliginosa)

Acute Indian Paintbrush, Harsh Paintbrush: Castilleja hispida var. acuta (Synonyms: Castilleja hispida ssp. acuta, Castilleja taedifera) -

Harsh Paintbrush, Harsh Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja hispida var. hispida (Synonyms: Castilleja angustifolia var. abbreviata, Castilleja angustifolia var. hispida, Castilleja hispida ssp. abbreviata, Castilleja hispida ssp. hispida) -

Cutleaf Paintbrush: Castilleja lacera (Synonym: Orthocarpus lacerus) -

Narrow-leaved Paintbrush, Wyoming Paintbrush, Wyoming Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja linariifolia (Synonym: Castilleja linariaefolia, Castilleja linariifolia var. omnipubescens, Castilleja linearis, Castilleja trainii) -

Parrot's head Paintbrush: Castilleja longispica -

Stiff Yellow Indian Paintbrush, Yellow Paintbrush, Yellowish Paintbrush: Castilleja lutescens -

Giant Red Indian Paintbrush: Castileja miniata var. dixonii (Synonyms: Castilleja dixonii, Castilleja miniata ssp. dixonii) -

Common Paintbrush, Scarlet Paintbrush, Scarlet Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja miniata ssp. miniata (Synonyms: Castilleja crispula, Castilleja dixonii, Castilleja miniata var. dixonii, Castilleja miniata ssp. miniata, Castilleja pallida var. miniata) -

Lesser Indian Paintbrush, Seep Paintbrush: Castilleja minor var. exilis (Synonyms: Castilleja exilis, Castilleja minor ssp minor) -

Pale Paintbrush, Pale Wallowa Indian Paintbrush, Pale Wallowa Paintbrush: Castilleja oresbia

Dwarf Pale Paintbrush, Pale Paintbrush, Pale Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja pallescens var. inverta (Synonyms: Castilleja inverta, Castileja pilosa var. inverta) -

Magenta Paintbrush: Castilleja parviflora (var. albida & var. oreopola) ? - A species of the Cascades & Olympics, I see reference to this species as spotted in the Okanogan ? and eastern Washington ?

Peck's Indian Paintbrush, Peck's Paintbrush: Castilleja peckiana

Hairy Indian Paintbrush, Parrothead Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja pilosa var. pilosa (Synonyms: Castilleja longispica, Castilleja pilosa ssp. jusselii, Castilleja psittacina, Castilleja rubida var. monoensis, Orthocarpus pilosus)

Steens Mountain Paintbrush, Steenes Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja pilosa var. steenensis (Synonym: Castilleja steenensis)

Frosted Paintbrush: Castilleja pruinosa -

Alpine Paintbrush, Rhexia-leaved Paintbrush: Castilleja rhexiifolia (Synonyms: Castilleja oregonensis, Castilleja rhexifolia, Castilleja septentrionalis var. rhexifolia, Castilleja wallowensis)

Little Purplish Alpine Paintbrush, Purple Paintbrush, Wallowa Alpine Paintbrush: Castilleja rubida

Bog Paintbrush, Suksdorf's Indian Paintbrush, Suksdorf's Paintbrush: Castilleja suksdorfii - A species of the Cascade Mts which gets as far east as wet meadows in their eastern foothills.

Hairy Owl-clover, Hairy Indian Paintbrush, Thin Paintbrush: Castilleja tenuis (Synonyms: Orthocarpus hispidus, Orthocarpus rarior, Orthocarpus tenuis, Triphysaria hispida) -

Thompson's Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja thompsonii - Common east Cascades in Washington, rare in Oregon.

Sticky Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja viscidula (Synonyms: Castilleja applegatei, Castilleja magnistylis)

Yellow-haired Paintbrush, Yellow-leaved Paintbrush: Castilleja xanthotricha

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