[Insects of Mt. Adams]

Butterflies of Mt. Adams Country

Sulphurs and Boisduval's blues mudding on the banks of Elk Creek along the River Route Road which proceeds up the upper Klickitat River drainage.........June 22, 2008.

Unidentified Fritillary A & B

Unidentified Fritillary C

Unidentified Butterfly D

Unidentified Fritillary E

Unidentified Blue F

Unidentified Blue G - a female Silvery Blue or Boisduval's Blue?

Unidentified Blue 3 - Boisduval's Blue ?

Unidentified Fritillary 10

Unidentified Copper 11 (Purplish Copper?)

Unidentified Copper 12 (Mariposa Copper?)

Unidentified Checkerspot C

Unidentified Caterpillar #1

Unidentified Caterpillar #3

Unidentified Caterpillar #4

Unidentified Caterpillar #5

Great Arctic: Oeneis nevadensis - Common in spring and early summer at all elevations on the southeast side of Mt. Adams. Some of these could possibly be the similar Chryxus Arctic?

Great Basin Wood Nymph: Cercyonis sthenele -

Pale Tiger Swallowtails: Papilio eurymedon -

Indra Swallowtails: Papilio indra -

Anise Swallowtails: Papilio zelicaon -

Western Tiger Swallowtail: Papilio rutulus -

Brown Elfin: Incisalia augustinus -

Pine Elfin: Incisalia eryphon -

Pine White, White Pine Butterfly: Neophasia menapia - Snowking Snowpark

Spring White: Pontia sisymbryii -

Ochre Ringlet: Coenonympha tullia -

Clouded Sulphur: Colius philodice - ?

Red Admirable: Vanessa atalanta - Killen Creek Trail

Lorquin's Admiral: Limenitis lorquini - Common.

Painted Lady: Vanessa cardui - Common in meadows above treeline.

West Coast Lady: Vanessa annabella ? -

Milbert's Tortoiseshell: Numphalis milberti - Killen Creek Trail

Mourning Cloak: Nymphalis antiopa - Common in forest openings at the southeastern corner of the mountain in spring and early summer.

California Tortoiseshell: Nymphalis californica -

Mormon Metalmark: Apodemia mormo -

Zerene Fritillary ? : Speyeria zerene -

Callippe Fritillary: Speyeria callippe -

Arctic Fritillary: Boloria chariclea - ?

Northern Crescent: Phyciodes cocyta - ?

Mylitta Crescent: Phyciodes mylitta - ?

Field Crescent: Phyciodes pulchellus -

Hoffman's Checkerspot: Chlosyne hoffmanni -

Northern Checkerspot: Chlosyne palla -

Chalcedona Checkerspot, Snowberry Checkerspot: Euphadryas chalcedona - Common

Unidentified Anglewing: Polygonia sp. -

Hoary Comma: Polygonia gracilis -

Sheridan's Green Hairstreak: Callophrys sheridanii -

Gray Hairstreak: Strymon melinus -


Mariposa Copper: Lycaena mariposa -

Purplish Copper: Lycaena helloides -

Lilac-bordered Copper: Lycaena nivalis - ?

Blues: -

Anna's Blue: Lycaeides anna -

Arctic Blue: Agriades glandon -

Boisduval Blue: Icaricia icarioides -

Greenish Blue: Plebejus saepiolus

Melissa Blue: Lycaeides melissa -

Silvery Blue: Glaucopsyche lygdamus -

Spring Azure: Celastrina argiolus -

Sulphur - ?

Cloudywings, Duskywings and Skippers:

Arctic Skipper: Carterocephalus palaemon -

Juba Skipper: Hesperia juba -

Mardon Skipper: Polites mardon

Woodland Skipper: Ochlodes sylvanoides

Green Comma or Faunus Anglewing (Polygonia faunus) feeding on Aster foliaceus var. parryi along Island Spring Trail just north of Hell Roaring Creek.


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2. The Guide to Butterflies of Oregon and Washington by William Neill, Westcliffe Publishers, Englewood, CO, 2001.


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