[The Sunflower Family East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington]

Genera of the Sunflower Family with Daisy-like Flower Heads Found East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington


Crag Aster, Lava Aster: Ionactis alpina (formerly Aster scopulorum)

Crag Aster, Lava Aster: Ionactis alpina (formerly Aster scopulorum)

Members of the Sunflower Family with Flowers like Daisies or Sunflowers:

Flowers consist of a central disc of small, short petaled flowers often tightly packed together surrounded by a ring of longer petaled flowers. The longer, outside flowers may be white, yellow, pink, blue, or lavender.

Chamomile and Dogfennels: The Genus Anthemis -

Arnicas: The Genus Arnica

Asters: The Genus Aster

Balsamroots: The Genus Balsamorhiza -

English Daisy, Lawn Daisy: Bellis perennis -

Beggar-ticks: The Genus Bidens

Blepharipappus, Rough Eyelashweed: Blepharipappus scaber (Synonyms: Blepharipappus scaber ssp. laevis, Blepharipappus scaber ssp. scaber, Blepharipappus scaber var. scaber) - 3 to 5 three-forked ray flowers surrounding several disk flowers. Ray flowers white with 3 purplish rays on the underside of each ray. Many narrow stem leaves. Plants to 1 foot tall.

Hall's Goldenweed: Columbiadora hallii -

Canadian Fleabane, Horseweed: Conyza canadensis (Synonyms: Conyza canadensis var. canadensis, Conyza canadensis var. glabrata, Erigeron canadensis) -

Calliopsis, Columbia Coreopsis, Golden Tickseed: Coreopsis tinctoria var. atkinsoniana (Synonyms: Coreopsis atkinsoniana, Coreopsis tinctoria var. tinctoria) - Erect wildflowers to 2-3 feet tall. Flowers broad, showy, with yellow ray flowers that may be orangish at base. Leaves pinnatifid or bipinnatifid, linear. Flowers, stems, and leaves are hairless.

Gold Stars, Spring gold Crocidium multicaule : Low growing wildflowers to 8 inches tall. Small dimed-sized flower heads with yellow central disks and 8-13 yellow ray flowers. Spatulate basal leaves with alternate, thin stem leaves with scattered tufts of woolly hairs.

Hoary Asters: The Genus Dieteria -

White Eatonella: Eatonella nivea -

The Fleabanes or Daisies: The Genus Erigeron

Oregon Sunshine, Woolly Sunflower Eriophyllum lanatum : Numerous flower heads, each with a dime-sized yellow central disk surrounded by 8-14 yellow ray flowers. The upper stem leaves are linear, but the lower leaves are pinnately dissected. The leaves and stems are covered with gray, woolly hairs. A common plant of drier, often rocky slopes.

Blanket Flower Gaillardia aristata : Large flower heads with about 10 yellow, staghorn or 3-forked ray s surrounding ared dome of disk flowers. Leaves linear with short pairs of projecting lobes. 1-2 feet tall.

Gumweeds: The Genus Grindelia -

Sneezeweed: Helenium autumnale var. montanum -

Helianthella, Little Sunflower The Genus Helianthella -

Wild Sunflowers: The Genus Helianthus

Hairy Goldaster The Genus Heterotheca: An upright to sprawling plant of sandy areas. Sometimes weedy. The leaves and stems are abundantly hairy. The flower heads are like yellow daisies.

Owl's-claw, Sneezeweed, and Rubberweed: The Genus Hymenoxis -

Rabbitleaf, Hareleaf: Lagophylla ramosissima -

White Layia, White Tidy-tips: Layia glandulosa - Flower heads with white, antler or 3-forked rays, and a globose, yellow central disk. Leaves linear to lobed.

Oxeye Daisy, Ox-eye Daisy: Leucanthemum vulgare (Synonyms: Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, Chrysanthemum leucanthemum var. pinnatifidum) -

Tarweeds: The Genus Madia

Western Rattlesnake Root: Prenanthes alata -

Goldenweeds: The Genus Pyrrocoma

Bristlehead, Bristle Head, False Wireweed, Wireweed: Rigiopappus leptocladus

Butterweeds and Groundsels: The Genus Senecio

Goldenrods: The Genus Solidago

Goldenweeds: The Genus Stenotus

Lyall's Goldenweed: Tonestus lyallii (Synonym: Haplopappus lyallii)

Lyall's Goldenweed, Lyall's Haplopappus, Lyall's Serpentweed: The Genus Townsendia

Mule's Ears and Woolly Sunflowers: The Genus Wyethia

Paul Slichter