[Members of the Sunflower Family with Daisy-like Heads East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Arnicas and Leopardbanes East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Arnica

Subalpine Arnica: Arnica rydbergii

Subalpine Arnica: Arnica rydbergii

The photo at right shows a mass of hairy arnica (Arnica mollis) lining an alpine lake in southeastern Oregon.

Clasping Arnica, Streambank Arnica: Arnica lanceolata ssp. prima (Synonyms: Arnica amplexicaulis, Arnica lanceolata, Arnica amplexicaulis ssp. genuina, Arnica amplexicaulis ssp. prima, Arnica amplexicaulis var. amplexicaulis, Arnica amplexicaulis var. piperi, Arnica amplexicaulis var. prima, Arnica amplexifolis, Arnica mollis var. aspera) -

Chamisso Arnica, Leafy Arnica, Narrowleaf Arnica: Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa (Synonym: Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa var. andina, Arnica chamissonis var. andina, Arnica chamissonis var. foliosa, Arnica chamissonis var. jepsoniana, Arnica foliosa) -

Chamisso Arnica, Silvery Arnica: Arnica chamissonis ssp. incana (Synonyms: Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa var. incana, Arnica chamissonis var. incana, Arnica foliosa var. incana) -

Heart-leaf Arnica, Heart-leaf Leopardbane: Arnica cordifolia (Synonyms: Arnica cordifolia var. cordifolia, Arnica cordifolia var. pumila) - Flower heads have a yellow central disc surrounded by 8 to 12 yellow ray flowers. 2-3 pairs of opposite, heart-shaped stem leaves. Tips of ray flowers pointed.

Dwarf heart-leaved Arnica: Arnica cordifolia var. pumila - Currently recognized under Arnica cordifolia above.

Rayless Arnica, Rayless Leopardbane: Arnica discoidea (Synonyms: Arnica discoidea var. eradiata, Arnica grayi, Arnica parviflora, Arnica parviflora ssp. alata, Arnica parviflora ssp. parviflora) - Lacks ray flowers.

Foothills Arnica, Hillside Arnica, Orange Arnica, Shining Leopardbane: Arnica fulgens -

Slender Arnica, Slender Leopardbane: Arnica gracilis (Synonym: Arnica latifolia var. gracilis) -

Broadleaf Arnica, Broad-leaved Arnica, Mountain Arnica, Daffodil Leopardbane: Arnica latifolia (Synonym: Arnica latifolia var. latifolia) -

Longleaf Arnica, Seep Spring Arnica, Spearleaf Arnica, Spear-leaf Arnica, Spear-leaf Leopardbane: Arnica longifolia (Synonyms: Arnica longifolia ssp. myriadenia, Arnica myriadenia) -

Cordilleran Arnica, Cordilleran Leopardbane, Hairy Arnica: Arnica mollis -

Nevada Arnica, Sierra Arnica, Sierran Leopardbane: Arnica nevadensis (Synonym: Arnica tomentella) -

Sticky Arnica, Sticky-leaf Arnica, Varied-leaved Arnica: Arnica ovata (Synonyms: Arnica x diversifolia) -

Nodding Arnica, Parry's Arnica: Arnica parryi (Synonyms: Arnica angustifolia, Arnica angustifolia ssp. eradiata, Arnica parryi ssp. parryi, Arnica parryi ssp. sonnei, Arnica parryi var. parryi, Arnica parryi var. sonnei) - Erect perennial with opposite leaves. Flower heads either discoid or primarily discoid with small rays.

Rydberg's Arnica, Subalpine Arnica, Subalpine Leopardbane: Arnica rydbergii (Synonyms: Arnica aurantiaca, Arnica cascadensis) -

Bunch Arnica, Foothills Arnica, Twin Arnica, Twin Leopardbane: Arnica sororia (Synonym: Arnica fulgens var. sororia) - Erect perennial with solitary stems and opposite leaves. Flowers sunflower-like, yellow in color.

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