[Members of the Sunflower Family with Flower Heads like Sunflowers or Daisies]

Asters Found East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

Cusick's Aster: Aster ascendens

Few-flowered Aster, Great Northern Aster, Tall Northern Aster, Giant Mountain Aster: Canadanthus modestus (Synonyms: Aster major, Aster modestus, Aster modestus var. major, Aster sayianus, Aster unalaschensis, Aster unalaschensis var. major, Weberaster modestus) -

Elegant Aster: Eucephalus elegans (Synonym: Aster perelegans) -

Engelmann's Aster: Eucephalus engelmannii (formerly Aster engelmannii) -

Western Showy Aster: Eurybia conspicua (formerly Aster conspicuus) - Flower heads small with conspicuous outer bracts. Disk flowers yellow and ray flowers violet or bluish. Stem leaves ovate to elliptical, with serrate margins. Stems stiff, erect, and tall.

Entire-leaved Aster, Sticky Aster, Thickstem Aster, Thick-stemmed Aster: Eurybia integrifolia (Synonym: Aster integrifolius) -

Rough-leaf Aster: Eurybia radulina (Synonym: Aster radulinus) -

Arctic Aster, Behring Wood Aster, Siberian Aster, Subalpine Aster: Eurybia merita (Synonyms Aster meritus, Aster sibiricus var. meritus, Aster sibiricus var. meritus) -

Arctic Aster, Behring Wood Aster, Siberian Aster, Siberian Wood-aster: Eurybia siberica (Synonym: Aster sibiricus ssp. sibiricus)

Crag Aster, Lava Aster: Ionactis alpina (formerly Aster scopulorum) - Plant to 8 inches tall. Leaves are narrowly elliptical, to 1/2 inch long, crowded along mid stem. The flowers are pink to violet, with a thin yellow central disk and about 8 thin, 1/2 inch long rays.

Alpine Aster, Tundra Aster: Oreostemma alpigenum var. alpigenum (Synonyms: Aster alpigenus, Aster alpigenus ssp. alpigenus, Aster alpigenus var. alpigenus, Haplopappus alpigenus) - A species of moderate altitude to alpine habits in the Cascade Mts., this species may be found on mountain ranges extending eastward from the Cascades and has been included here because of the possibility it might be found in this region.

Alpine Aster, Hayden's Aster, Tundra Aster: Oreostemma alpigenum var. haydenii (Synonyms: Aster alpigenus ssp. haydenii, Aster alpigenus var. haydenii, Aster haydenii, Oreostemma alpigenum ssp. haydenii) -

Longleaf Aster, Long-leaved Aster, Western Aster: Symphyotrichum ascendens (Synonyms: Aster adscendens, Aster ascendens, Aster chilensis, Aster chilensis ssp. adscendens, Aster chilensis ssp. ascendens, Aster macounii, Aster subgriseus, Virgulaster ascendens) - Flower heads small with conspicuous outer bracts. Stem leaves very short and linear, close to stem. Long narrow basal leaves. Disk flowers yellow and ray flowers pink to lavendar.

Western Meadow Aster: Symphyotrichum campestre (var. bloomeri & var. campestre) (formerly Aster campestris) -

Pacific Aster: Symphyotrichum chilense var. chilense (Aster chilensis var. chilensis) -

Cusick's Aster: Symphyotrichum cusickii (Aster foliaceus var. cusickii) -

Eaton's Aster, Oregon Aster, Whitish Aster: Symphyotrichum eatonii (Synonyms: Aster bracteolatus, Aster cordalenus, Aster eatonii, Aster foliaceus var. eatonii, Aster mearnsii, Aster oregonus, Symphyotrichum bracteolatum) - Plant to 3 1/2 feet in height. The leaves are linear t lanceolate and up to 15 cm long. The dasiy like flowers have white or pink rays and a yellow central disk. The stem may be minutely haired, while the leaves are smooth or rough. The inflorescence is leafy.

Cusick's Aster, Cusick's American Aster, Leafy Aster: Symphyotrichum cusickii (Synonyms: Aster cusickii, Aster foliaceus, Aster foliaceus var. cusickii, Aster foliaceus var. lyallii) -

Tufted White Prairie Aster, Heath-leaved Aster, Little Gray Aster, Manyflowered Aster, White Heath Aster: Symphyotrichum ericoides var. pansum (Synonyms: Aster ericoides, Aster ericoides ssp. pansus, Aster ericoides var. pansus, Aster falcatus, Aster falcatus var. crassulus, Aster pansus) -

Alpine Leafybract Aster: Symphyotrichum foliaceum var. apricum (Synonyms: Aster apricus, Aster foliaceus var. apricus, Aster subspicatus var. apricus) -

Alpine Leafybract Aster, Leafy Aster, Leafy Bract Aster: Symphyotrichum foliaceum var. foliaceum (Synonym: Aster foliaceus var. foliaceus, Aster foliaceus var. sublinearis) -

Leafy Aster, Leafybract Aster, Parry's Aster: Symphyotrichum foliaceum var. parryi (Synonyms: Aster ascendens var. parryi, Aster diabolicus, Aster foliaceus var. canbyi, Aster foliaceus var. frondeus, Aster foliaceus var. parryi, Aster foliaceus var. subpetiolatus, Aster frondeus) -

Alkali Aster, Short-rayed Aster: Symphyotrichum frondosum (formerly Aster frondosus) -

Smooth Aster, Geyer's Aster: Symphyotrichum laeve var. geyeri (Synonyms: Aster geyeri, Aster laevis, Aster laevis var. geyeri) -

White Panicle Aster: Symphyotrichum lanceolatum ssp. hesperium (formerly Aster hesperius) -

Larger Western Mountain Aster: Symphyotrichum spathulatum var. intermedium (formerly Aster occidentalis var. intermedius) -

Western Aster, Western Mountain Aster: Symphyotrichum spathulatum var. spathulatum (Synonyms: Aster ascendens var. fremontii, Aster delectabilis, Aster fremontii, Aster fremontii var. parishii, Aster occidentalis, Aster occidentalis var. delectabilis, Aster occidentalis var. fremontii, Aster occidentalis var. occidentalis, Aster occidentalis var. parishii, Aster spathulatus, Aster spathulatus var. spathulatus, Symphyotrichum spathulatum var. fremontii, Tripolium occidentale) -

Douglas' Aster, Gray's Aster: Symphyotrichum subspicatum var. grayi (formerly Aster subspicatus var. grayi) -

Douglas' Aster, Spike-like Aster: Symphyotrichum subspicatum var. subspicatum (Synonyms: Aster bulteri, Aster douglasii, Aster maccallae, Aster subspicatus, Aster subspicatus var. grayi, Aster subspicatus var. subspicatus, Symphyotrichum subspicatum var. grayi, Symphyotrichum subspicatum var. subspicatum) -

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