[Wildflowers East of the Cascade Mts.: ID Key]

The Sunflower Family East of the Cascade Mts.


Crag Aster: Aster scopulorum
Members of the Sunflower Family Found in the Columbia and Great Basins:


Plants with Shrub-like growth.

Flower Heads Look Like Dandylions:
These members of the Sunflower Family consist of a head of many long-petaled ray flowers, typically yellow, orange or white.

Flower Heads Look Like Daisies or Sunflowers:
Flowers consist of a central disc of small, short petaled flowers often tightly packed together surrounded by a ring of longer petaled flowers. The longer, outside flowers may be white, yellow, pink, blue, or lavender.

Flower heads look like pincushions or buttons.
Flower Heads often look like fabric buttons or pincushions when viewed from above. The flowers are all rayless, and are entirely disk flowers.

[Wildflowers East of the Cascade Mts.: ID Key]

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