[The Sunflower Family East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington]

Shrub-like Members of the Sunflower Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington


Flower head of Columbia Goldenweed: Ericameria resinosa

Columbia Goldenweed: Ericameria resinosa

Members of the Sunflower Family with Shrub-like Growth Found East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington:

Sagebrush: The Genus Artemisia -

Goldenweeds and Rabbitbrush: The Genus Ericameria (includes the Genus Chrysothamnus) -

Broom Snakeweed, Kindlingweed, Match Brush, Matchweed: Gutierrezia sarothrae (Synonyms: Gutierrezia diversifolia, Gutierrezia lepidota, Gutierrezia linearifolia, Gutierrezia linearis, Gutierrezia linoides, Gutierrezia longipappa, Gutierrezia pomariensis, Gutierrezia sarothrae var. pomariensis, Gutierrezia tenuis, Solidago sarothrae, Xanthocephalum sarothrae, Xanthocephalum sarothrae var. pomariense, Xanthocephalum tenue) - Small shrub to subshrub with many erect stems. The stems are very thin and brittle. The leaves are linear. The inflorescence is flat-topped. Flower heads have 3-8 yellow rays and 3-8 disk flowers.

Goldenweeds: The Genus Stenotus - These wildflowers may have a somewhat shrubby form, but are much reduced in size compared to the other genera listed on this page.

Horsebrush: The Genus Tetradymia -

Paul Slichter