[Sunflowers East of the Cascade Mts. with Flowers like Daisies or Sunflowers]

Members of the Genus Townsendia

Found East of the Cascade Mt. Crest

Showy Townsendia: Townsendia florifer

Showy Townsendia: Townsendia florifer - Plants of lower, drier habitats. Stems several to numerous, often lax, from 5-15 cm long. The leaves are long and thin. The involucre is 7-10 mm high.

Mountain Townsendia: Townsendia montana - Plants of alpine habitats, from 1-5 cm high. Flower heads narrower than the other varieties. The involucre ranges from 7-11 mm high. The involucral bracts are wider than those of variety parryi.

Parry's Townsendia: Townsendia parryi - Plants of subalpine to alpine habitats, from 1-30 cm high. Flower heads wide, with the disk from 1.5-3 cm wide. The involucre is 9-16 mm high. The involucral bracts are narrowly lanceolate with with acuminate tips.

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