[Wildflowers with 3, 6, or 9 Petals in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Lily Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington


Harvest Brodiaea: Brodiaea coronaria

Harvest Brodiaea: Brodiaea coronaria

Members of the Lily Family Found in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington:

Amaryllis Family: Amaryllidaceae

Onions: The Genus Allium -

Daffodils and Narcissus: The Genus Narcissus - Escaped and naturalized near old home sites.

Asparagus Family: Asparagaceae

Asparagus, Garden Asparagus: Asparagus officinalis (Synonyms: Asparagus officinalis ssp. officinalis, Asparagus officinalis ssp. prostratus) -

Bluedick Brodiaea, Crown Brodiaea, Harvest Brodiaea, Harvest Lily Brodiaea coronaria ssp. coronaria (Synonym: Brodiaea coronaria var. coronaria) -

Camas: The Genus Camassia -

Ball-headed Cluster Lily, Cluster Lily, Northern Saitas, Ookow Dichelostemma congestum (Synonyms: Brodiaea congesta, Hookera congesta) -

False Solomon Plumes and False Lilies-of-the-valley: The Genus Maianthemum -

Grape Hyacinth: The Genus Muscari - Escaped and naturalized near old home sites.

Cluster Lilies: The Genus Triteleia (formerly Brodiaea) -

Lily Family: Liliaceae

Mariposa Lilies, Star Tulips: The Genus Calochortus -

Bead Lily, Bride's Bonnet, Queen's Cup Clintonia uniflora (Synonyms: Smilacina borealis var. uniflora, Smilacina uniflora)

Fawn Lilies: The Genus Erythronium -

Fritillaries: The Genus Fritillaria -

Columbia Lily, Columbian Lily, Oregon Lily, Tiger Lily Lilium columbianum (Synonyms: Lilium canadense var. parviflorum, Lilium lucidum, Lilium parviflorum)

Fairy Bells and Fairy Lanterns: The Genus Prosartes (formerly the genus Disporum) -

Twisted Stalks: The Genus Streptopus -

False-Hellebore Family: Melanthiaceae

Bronze Bells, Mission Bells, Western Featherbells, Western Stenanthium Anticlea occidentalis (Synonyms: Stenanthium occidentale, Stenanthium rhombipetalum)

Wood Lilies, Wake Robins or Trilliums: The Genus Trillium -

False Hellebores: The Genus Veratrum -

Bear-grass Xerophyllum tenax -

Death-camas: The Genus Zigadenus -

False-asphodel Famly: Tofieldiaceae

Western False Asphodel, Shortstyle Tofieldia, Sticky Asphodel, Sticky Tofieldia Triantha occidentalis ssp. brevistyla (Synonyms: Tofieldia glutinosa ssp. absona, Tofieldia glutinosa ssp. brevistyla, Tofieldia glutinosa var. absona, Tofieldia glutinosa var. brevistyla, Tofieldia glutinosa var. intermedia)

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