[The Lily Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Death-camas of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Toxicoscordion (formerly the Genus Zigadenus)

One of the lower branches of the panicle of panicled death-camas as seen on the southeastern slopes of Mt. Adams.......early June 2005.

Foothill Death Camas, Panicled Deathcamas, Panicled Death Camas, Panicled Zigadenus, Sand Corn: Toxicoscordion paniculatum (Synonyms: Helonias paniculatus, Zigadenus paniculatus) - Inflorescence a panicle. Flowers of the lower branches typically male flowers, those of the upper inflorescence being bixexual. Stamens 1-2 mm longer than the tepals.

Common Death Camas, Deadly Zigadenus, Meadow Death Camas: Toxicoscordion venenosum (Synonyms: Toxicoscordion gramineum, Zigadenus gramineus, Zigadenus intermedius, Zigadenus venenosus, Zigadenus venenosus var. gramineus, Zigadenus venenosus var. venenosus) - Inflorescence a raceme. All flowers bisexual. Stamens about equal to the tepals in length.

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