[The Lily Family in the Columbia River Gorge]

The Fairy Bells and Fairy Lanterns of the Columbia River Gorge

The Genus Prosartes

Formerly The Genus Disporum

Fairy Bells

Drops-of-gold, Hooker Fairy-bell, Hooker's Fairybells, Oregon Drops-of-gold, Oregon Fairy Bells: Prosartes hookeri (Synonyms: Disporum hookeri, Disporum hookeri var. hookeri, Disporum hookeri var. oreganum, Disporum hookeri var. parviflorum, Disporum hookeri var. trachyandrum, Disporum oreganum, Disporum parvifolium, Disporum trachyandrum, Prosartes hookeri var. oregana) - Tepals flare outwards from the middle of the tepal.

Fairy Lanterns, Largeflower Fairybells, Smith's Fairybells: Prosartes smithii (Synonyms: Disporum smithii, Prosartes menziesii, Uvularia smithii) - Tepals straight, not flaring outwards at the tip.

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