[Deciduous Trees and Shrubs of Denali National Park and Preserve]

The Willows of Denali National Park and Preserve

The Genus Salix

Arctic Willow: Salix arctica

Arctic Willow: Salix arctica ssp. arctica

Alaskan Willow Resourses:

A Guide to the identification of Salix (willows) in Alaska, the Yukon Territories and adjacent regions (pdf)

Willows of Interior Alaska - USFWS Alaska Region - U.S. Fish and Wildlife (pdf)

A Partial Listing of the Willows of Denali National Park and Preserve:

Alaska Willow, Felt Leaf Willow: Salix alaxensis -

Arctic Willow: Salix arctica (Synonyms: Salix arctica var. antiplasta, Salix arctica var. araioclada, Salix arctica var. brownei, Salix arctica ssp crassijulis, Salix arctica var. kophophylla, Salix arctica var. pallasii, Salix arctica ssp. torulosa, Salix arctica var. tortulosa, Salix crassijulis) - Evidently subspecies arctica and torulosa have been lumped by the Flora of North America.

Littletree Willow, Little Tree Willow: Salix arbusculoides

Barclay's Willow: Salix barclayi

Barratt Willow, Barratt's Willow: Salix barrattiana (Synonym: Salix barrattiana var. marcescens) -

Bebb Willow, Bebb's Willow, Gray Willow, Long-beaked Willow: Salix bebbiana (Synonyms: Salix bebbiana var. depilis, Salix bebbiana var. luxurians, Salix bebbiana var. perrostrata, Salix bebbiana var. projecta, Salix depressa ssp. rostrata, Salix rostrata) -

Sage Willow, Sageleaf Willow: Salix candida (Synonym: Salix candida var. denudata) ?

Alaska Bog Willow: Salix fuscescens (Synonym: Salix fuscescens var. reducta)

Gray Willow, Grayleaf Willow, Gray Leaf Willow: Salix glauca -

Hybrid Willow: Salix glauca x Salix pseudomonticola

Halberd Willow: Salix hastata (Synonyms: Salix farriae var. walpolei, Salix hastata ssp. subintegrifolia, Salix walpolei)

Sandbar Willow: Salix interior (Synonyms: Salix exigua var. exterior, Salix exigua ssp. interior, Salix exigua var. pedicellata, Salix exigua var. sericans, Salix fluviatilis var. sericans, Salix interior var. wheeleri, Salix linearifolia, Salix longifolia vr. interior, Salix longifolia var. pedicellata, Salix longifolia var. sericans, Salix longifolia var. wheeleri, Salix wheeleri)

Pacific Willow: Salix lasiandra var. lasiandra (Synonyms: Salix lasiandra var. lyallii, Salix lasiandra var. macrophylla, Salix lasiandra var. reomponens)

Blueberry Willow, Low Blueberry Willow: Salix myrtillifolia -

Barrenground Willow, Barren Ground Willow, Snow Willow: Salix niphoclada (Synonyms: Salix brachycarpa ssp. fullertonensis, Salix brachycarpa var. fullertonensis, Salix brachycarpa var. mexiae, Salix brachycarpa ssp. niphoclada, Salix fullertonensis, Salix glauca var. niphoclada, Salix muriei, Salix niphoclada var. fullertonensis, Salix niphoclada var. mexiae, Salix niphoclada var. muriei) -

Skeletonleaf Willow, Skeleton-leaf Willow, Skeleton Leaf Willow: Salix phlebophylla -

Polar Willow: Salix polaris (Synonyms: Salix polaris ssp. pseudopolaris, Salix polaris var. selwynensis)

False Mountain Willow: Salix pseudomonticola (Synonym: Salix barclayi var. pseudomonticola)

Firmleaf Willow, Tall Bluebery Willow: Salix pseudomyrsinites (Synonyms: Salix myrtillifolia var. cordata, Salix myrtillifolia var. pseudomyrsinites, Salix novae-angliae var. cordata)

Diamond-leaf Willow, Tealeaf Willow: Salix pulchra (Synonyms: Salix divaricata ssp. pulchra, Salix phylicifolia ssp. pulchra, Salix phylicifolia var. subglauca, Salix planifolia ssp. pulchra, Salix planifolia var. yukonensis, Salix pulchra var. yukonensis)

Netleaf Willow, Net-leaf Willow, Netted Willow, Reticulate Willow, Thick-leaf Willow: Salix reticulata (Synonyms: Salix reticulata var. gigantifolia, Salix reticulata ssp. glabellicarpa, Salix reticulata var. semicalva) -

Richardson's Willow: Salix richardsonii (Synonyms: Salix lanata ssp. richardsonii, Salix richardsonii var. mckeandii)

Least Willow, Round-leaf Willow: Salix rotundifolia (var. dodgeana or var. rotundifolia ?) -

Setchell's Willow: Salix setchelliana -

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