[Columbia River Gorge Wildflower Reports]

Currently Blooming Wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge

May 16, 1999

Wildflower bloom this year is probably 2 to 3 weeks later than last year, at least at the lower elevations. Snow has descended to about 2000 feet several times in the past several weeks, and so bloom at higher elevations may even be later. Some wildflowers are blooming on time, such as the Bitterroot at Catherine Creek.

Use the previous years' wildflower bloom lists, and add several weeks onto the dates to determine the best times to visit this year. I will attempt to make several updates this week, but updates for the next month or so will be slow in coming due to the heavy work schedule I have, correcting student research projects due the next couple of weeks!

The Dalles Mt. and the Columbia Hills

1. Bicolored Cluster Lily: Brodiaea howelii

2. Heart-leaf Buckwheat: Eriogonum compositum var. compositum

3. Douglas' Buckwheat: Eriogonum douglasii var. tenue

4. Upland Larkspur: Delphinium nuttallianum

5. Dagger Pod: Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides

6. Bulblet Prairie Star: Lithophragma bulbifera

7. Small-flowered Prairie Star: Lithophragma parviflora

8. Choke Cherry: Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa

9. Hood River Milk-vetch: Astragalus hoodianus

10. Woolly-pod Milk-vetch: Astragalus purshii

11. Columbia Gorge Broad-leaf Lupine: Lupinus latifolius var. thompsonianus

12. Whitish Lupine: Lupinus leucopsis L. sulphureus var. subsaccatus)

13. Big-head Clover: Trifolium macrocephalum

14. Gray's Desert Parsley: Lomatium grayii

15. Slender-fruited Desert Parsley: Lomatium leptocarpum

16. Bare-stem Desert Parsley: Lomatium nudicaule

17. Nine-leaf Desert Parsley: Lomatium triternatum

18. Hood's Phlox: Phlox hoodii

19. Showy Phlox: Phlox speciosa

20. Ball-head Waterleaf: Hydrophyllum capitatum var. thompsonii

21. Puccoon: Lithospermum ruderale

22. Small-flowered Blue-eyed Mary: Collinsia parviflora

23. Manroot/Wild Cucumber: Marah oreganus

24. Low Pussytoes: Antennaria dimorpha

25. Heart-leaf Arnica: Arnica cordifolia

26. Arrowleaf Balsamroot: Balsamorhiza sagittata

27. Yellow Western Groundsel: Senecio integerrimus var. exaltatus

28. Yarrow: Achillea millefolium

Animals Seen

1. Raven

2. Prairie Falcon

3. Pair of Kestrels

4. Trio of Harriers

5. Common Flicker

6. Numerous Lewis Woodpeckers

7. Horned Larks

8. Meadowlarks

9. Pair of Golden Eagles? (seen from a distance)

10. California Ground Squirrel

11. Coyote scat

Paul Slichter