[2009 Wildflower Bloom Reports for the Columbia River Gorge]

Columbia River Gorge

Wildflower bloom Along the Angels Rest Trail

April 20, 2009

Giant Vetch: Vicia gigantea. Angels Rest Trail, Columbia River Gorge...................April 30, 2004.
* indicates the wildflower is blooming.

Angels Rest

This is a popular trail on weekends, with lots of hikers and some canine friends. One can also continue the hike, by turning right at the summit, and heading either to the Wahkeena Falls Trail or descend via the Multnomah Falls Trail. At this time, the leaves of many plants may be seen, which is good ID practice and anticipation of what will come later!

The photo at right shows a close-up of the bloom of Lyall's Anemone: Anemone lyallii as seen along the Angels Rest Trail.................April 30, 2005.

*1. Vine Maple: Acer circinatum -

*2. Douglas Maple: Acer glabrum var. douglasii -

*3. Fairy Bells: Disporum hookeri var. oreganum - Common.

4. Chocolate Lily: Fritillaria lanceolata - Nearly in bloom on upper sections of the trail.

5. Columbia Tiger Lily: Lilium columbianum - Several plants are up to 1 foot tall.........no flower buds yet.

6. False Lily-of-the-valley: Maianthemum dilatatum - Nearly ready to bloom.

7. False Solomon Seal: Smilacina racemosa - In bud.

8. Clasping-leaf Twisted Stalk: Streptopus amplexifolius - In bud.

*9. Trillium/ Wood Lily: Trillium ovatum - Going out of bloom.

*10. Miner's-lettuce: Claytonia perfoliata -

*11. Candy Flower: Claytonia sibirica - Common.

12. Little-leaf Montia: Montia parvifolia - In bud.

13. Field Chickweed: Cerastium arvense -

*14. Chickweed: Cerastium sp. -

*15. Big-leaf Sandwort: Moehringia (Arenaria) macrophylla - Fairly common.

*16. Chickweed: Stellaria media -

*17. Baneberry: Actaea rubra -

18. Columbia Windflower: Anemone deltoidea -

*19. Lyall's Windflower: Anemone lyallii - Beginning to bloom.

*20. Poison Larkspur: Delphinium trollifolium - A few plants beginning to bloom

*21. Western Meadow-rue: Thalictrum occidentale - Good bloom.

Hairy Rock Cress: Arabis hirsuta var. eschscholtziana

22. Vanilla Leaf: Achlys triphylla -

23. Inside-out Flower: Vancouveria hexandra -

*24. Western Corydalis: Corydalis scouleri - Beginning to bloom.

*25. Bleeding Heart: Dicentra formosa - Common.

26. Hairy Rock Cress: Arabis hirsuta var. eschscholtziana - In bud.

*27. American Winter Cress: Barbarea orthoceras -

28. Western Wallflower: Erysimum capitatum - In bud.

*29. Honesty: Lunaria annua -

30. Small-flowered Alumroot: Heuchera micrantha -

*31. Fringe Cup: Tellima grandiflora - Beginning to bloom.

32. Youth-on-age: Tolmiea menziesii - A few plants in bud.

*33. Red-flowering Currant: Ribes sanguineum -

*34. Pacific Dogwood: Cornus nuttallii - Beginning to bloom.

*35. Serviceberry: Amelanchier alnifolia - Beginning to bloom.

*36. Woods Strawberry: Fragaria vesca var. bracteata - Beginning to bloom.

37. Large-leaf Avens: Geum macrophyllum -

38. Ninebark: Physocarpus capitatum -

39. Glandular Cinquefoil: Potentilla glandulosa -

40. Thimbleberry: Rubus parviflorus -

41. Trailing Blackberry: Rubus ursinus - A few plants seen in open forest.

42. Giant Vetch: Vicia gigantea - Leaves forming. See photo above.

43. Robert Geranium: Geranium robertianum - Unfortunately, all too common!

*44. Martindale's Desert Parsley: Lomatium martindalei -

45. Common Sweet Cicely: Osmorhiza chilensis -

46. Salal: Gaultheria shallon - In bud.

47. Broad-leaf Star Flower: Trientalis latifolia - A few in bud.

48. Pacific Waterleaf: Hydrophyllum tenuipes - A few plants in bud.

*49. Woods Nemophila: Nemophila parviflora -

*50. Wood's Forget-me-not: Myosotis sylvatica - ?

51. Cascade Penstemon: Penstemon serrulatus - Buds beginning to break.

*52. Annual Bedstraw: Galium aparine -

53. Pussytoes: Antennaria neglecta or racemosa - Buds forming.

*54. Common Dandylion: Taraxacum officinale - A few in bloom, especially near impacted areas next to the road.

Paul Slichter