[Currently Blooming Wildflowers in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Currently Blooming Wildflowers in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon

View of the southwest face of Mt. Hood from Paradise Park...........October 1987. The autumn colors are of the leaves and fruit of mountain ash.







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2008 - Plant lists for three hikes

August 4, 2007 - Timberline Trail #600, Cloud Cap Inn to Gnarl Ridge (Mt. Hood Wilderness)

August 10 & 11, 2002- Pacific Crest Trail from Whatum Lake to Chinidere Mt.

August 11, 2001- Multorpor Fen, Government Camp, OR (Mt. Hood N.F.)

July 24, 2001- Rainy Lake Trailhead, Mt. Hood N.F.

July 24, 2001- North Lake, Mt. Defiance Trailhead, Mt. Hood N.F.

July 24, 2001- Trail from Indian Springs to Indian Mt. (on the southern edge to the Mark Hatfield (Columbia) Wilderness, Mt. Hood N.F.

July 22, 2001- Top Spur Trail from trailhead towards McNeil Point, Mt. Hood Wilderness

June 23, 2001- Coffin Mt. Trail, Willamette National Forest

June 23, 2001- Bruno Meadows, Willamette National Forest

May 15, 1999- Roaring River Trail, Mt Hood National Forest (Clackamas River District)

September 1998 Bloom Report for the Cascades of Oregon :

August 14, 1998- Elk Meadows and Lambertson Butte, Mt Hood National Forest

July 19, 1998- Sparks Lake, Deschutes National Forest

Brooks Meadows, Mt. Hood NF- June 21, 1997

Lookout Mt, Mt. Hood NF- August, 1997 -not on line yet!

Three Sisters Wilderness (August 15, 1992): Todd Lake to Green Lakes

Three Sisters Wilderness (August 14, 1992): Ball Butte and Plains to its North

Three Sisters Wilderness (July 17, 1992): Tam McArthur Rim

Three Sisters Wilderness (July 16, 1992): Three Creeks Lake to Parks Meadow and East Side of South Sister

Three Sisters Wilderness (July 15, 1992): Three Creeks Lake and Meadow

Mount Hood Wilderness (September 21, 1991): Cloud Cap to Gnarl Ridge.

Three Sisters Wilderness (August 22/23, 1991) : Todd Lake Trail to Broken Top.

Mt. Hood N.F./ Columbia Wilderness (July 11, 1991) : Trail to Rainy Lake and Trail to Green Point.

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness (June 19, 1991) : Whitewater Trail to Jefferson Park

Mt. Jefferson Wilderness (June 18, 1991) : Cheat Creek Trail to Triangulation Peak

Three Sisters Wilderness (Almost) Complete Plant List

The photo above shows skunk cabbage in wet meadows in the Clackamas River basin, May 15 1999.
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