[Members of the Sunflower Family with Button-like Flower Heads]

Pussytoes and Everlastings East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Antennaria

Woodrush Pussytoes: Antennaria luzuloides

Woodrush Pussytoes: Antennaria luzuloides

Alpine Pussytoes: Antennaria alpina (Synonyms: Antennaria alpina var. canescens, Antennaria alpina var. compacta, Antennaria alpina var. glabrata, Antennaria alpina var. intermedia, Antennaria alpina var. stolonifera, Antennaria alpina var. ungavensis, Antennaria arenicola, Antennaria atriceps, Antennaria bayardii, Antennaria boesheriana, Antennaria borealis, Antennaria brunnescens, Antennaria cana, Antennaria canescens, Antennaria canescens ssp. porsildii, Antennaria canescens var. pseudoporsildii, Antennaria columnaris, Antennaria compacta, Antennaria confusa, Antennaria crymophila, Antennaria foggii, Antennaria friesiana ssp. compacta, Antennaria glabrata, Antennaria groenlandica, Antennaria hansii, Antennaria intermedia, Antennaria labradorica, Antennaria longii, Antennaria media ssp. compacta, Antennaria pallida, Antennaria pedunculata, Antennaria porsildii, Antennaria sornborgeri, Antennaria stolonifera, Antennaria subcanescens, Antennaria ungavensis, Antennaria vexillifera, Antennaria wiegandii, Gnaphalium alpinum) -

Pearly Pussytoes, Tall Everlasting, Tall Pussytoes: Antennaria anaphaloides (Synonyms: Antennaria anaphaloides var. straminea, Antennaria pucherrima ssp. anaphaloides, Antennaria pulcherrima var. anaphaloides) -

Silvery Everlasting, Silvery Pussytoes: Antennaria argentea -

Aromatic Pussytoes, Scented Pussytoes: Antennaria aromatica (Synonym: Antennaria rosea ssp. pulvinata) -

Flat-top Pussytoes, Flat-topped Pussytoes, Meadow Pussytoes: Antennaria corymbosa -

Cushion Pussytoes, Low Pussytoes: Antennaria dimorpha (Synonyms: Antennaria dimorpha var. dimorpha, Antennaria dimorpha var. integra, Antennaria dimorpha var. latisquama, Antennaria dimorpha var. macrocephala, Antennaria dimorpha var. nuttallii, Antennaria latisquama, Antennaria macrocephala, Gnaphalium dimorphum) - A low mat or carpet plant. The flower heads are solitary and fairly broad.

Dwarf Spreading Everlasting, Flagellate Pussytoes, Stoloniferous Everlasting, Whip Pussytoes: Antennaria flagellaris (Synonym: Antennaria dimorpha var. flagellaris) -

Geyer's Pussytoes, Pinewoods Pussytoes: Antennaria geyeri -

Field Pussytoes, Field Pussy-toes, Howell's Pussytoes: Antennaria howellii var. howellii (Synonym: Antennaria neglecta ssp. howellii, Antenaria neglecta var. howellii, Antennaria neodioica ssp. howellii) -

Field Pussytoes, Field Pussy-toes: Antennaria howellii ssp. neodioica (Synonym: Antennaria neglecta var. neodioica) -

Blue Mountains Everlasting: Antennaria howellii ssp. petaloidea (Synonym: Antennaria pedicellata) -

Grayish Everlasting, Woolly Everlasting, Woolly Pussytoes: Antennaria lanata (Synonyms: Antennaria carpatica, Antennaria carpatica var. lanata) - A non-mat forming pussytoes. The flower heads are in a loose cyme and fairly broad. The basal leaves are large and oblanceolate. The whole plant has a dense grayish, woolly appearance.

Rush Pussytoes: Antennaria luzuloides ssp. aberrans (Synonyms: Antennaria luzuloides var. microcephala, Antennaria microcephala) -

Rush Pussytoes, Wood-rush Everlasting: Antennaria luzuloides ssp. luzuloides (Synonyms: Antennaria luzuloides var. luzuloides, Antennaria luzuloides var. oblanceolata) - Stem and leaves covered by a thin whitish layer of soft, felt-like hairs. The flower heads are often wider than those of other pussy-toes. The basal leaves are oblanceolate and the stem leaves are linear.

Alpine Pussytoes, Rocky Mountain Pussytoes: Antennaria media (Synonyms: Antennaria alpina var. media, Antennaria austromontana, Antennaria candida, Antennaria densa, Antennaria gormanii, Antennaria modesta, Antennaria mucronata) -

Littleleaf Pussytoes, Little-leaf Pussytoes, Small-leaf Pussytoes: Antennaria microphylla (Synonyms: Antennaria bracteosa, Antennaria microphylla var. nitida, Antennaria microphylla var. solstitialis, Antennaria nitida, Antennaria parvifolia var. bracteosa, Antennaria rosea var. nitida, Antennaria solstitialis) -

Little-leaf Pussytoes, Small-leaf Pussytoes: Antennaria parvifolia -

Rosy Everlasting, Rosy Pussytoes: Antennaria pulvinata (Synonyms: Antennaria acuminata, Antennaria albicans, Antennaria alborosea, Antennaria angustifolia, Antennaria arida var. humilis, Antennaria breitugii, Antennaria brevistyla, Antennaria chlorantha, Antennaria concinna, Antennaria confinis, Antennaria dioica var. kernensis, Antennaria dioica var. rosea, Antennaria elegans, Antennaria foliacea var. humilis, Antennaria formosa, Antennaria hendersonii, Antennaria imbricata, Antennaria incarnata, Antennaria laingii, Antennaria lanulosa, Antennaria leuchippii, Antennaria microphylla, Antennaria neodioica var. chlorantha, Antennaria oxyphylla, Antennaria rosea, Antennaria rosea var. angustifolia, Antennaria rosea ssp. arida, Antennaria rosea ssp. confinis, Antennaria rosea ssp. divaricata, Antennaria rosea var. imbricata, Antennaria rosea ssp. pulvinata, Antennaria rosea ssp. rosea, Angustifolia sedoides, Antennaria sordida, Antennaria speciosa, Antennaria straminea, Antennaria subviscosa, Antennaria tomentella) - Stem and leaves covered by a layer of whitish, soft, felt-like hairs. Tiny pencil eraser-sized flower heads are white with reddish papery bracts surrounding the disk. Plants to two feet tall.

Hooker's Pussytoes, Raceme Pussytoes, Slender Everlasting: Antennaria racemosa -

Narrowleaf Pussytoes, Narrowleaved Pussytoes: Antennaria stenophylla (Synonyms: Antennaria alpina var. stenophylla, Antennaria leucophaea) -

Brown Everlasting, Brown-bract Pussytoes, Umber Pussytoes: Antennaria umbrinella -

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