[Wildflowers East of the Cascade Mts.- 5 Petals]

The Heath Family East of the Cascade Mts.


White Mountain Heather- Cassiope mertensiana

Members of the Heath Family Found East of the Cascade Mts.:

1. The Manzanita or Kinnikinnick: The Genus Arctostaphylos -

2. The Mountain or Moss Heather: The Genus Cassiope -

3. Prince's Pine or Pipsissewa: The Genus Chimaphila -

4. The Wintergreen: The Genus Gaultheria -

5. The Laurel: The Genus Kalmia -

6. The Labrador-tea: The Genus Ledum -

7. Fool's Huckleberry: The Genus Menziesia -

8. Single Delight: The Genus Moneses -

9. The Indian-pipes & Pinesaps: The Genus Monotropa -

10. The Wintergreens or Pyrola: The Genus Orthilia -

11. The Mountain Heather: The Genus Phyllodoce -

12. Pinedrops: The Genus Pterospora - Plants without green leaves. Stems yellowish to reddish-brown, glandular-hairy, and over 25 cm tall and about 1 cm thick. Plants are saprophytic.

13. The Wintergreen or Pyrola: The Genus Pyrola -

14. The Azalea and Rhododendrons: The Genus Rhododendron -

15. Blueberries and Huckleberries: The Genus Vaccinium -

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