[Wildflowers of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington with 5 Petals]

The Figwort Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

The Families Linderniaceae, Mazaceae, Orobanchaceae, Phrymaceae, Plantaginaceae and Scrophulariaceae

Large-flowered Blue-eyed Mary Collinsia grandiflora

Note: This at one time large family has been broken up into either separate families or lumped into the other existing families listed below.

The False Pimpernel Family in the Columbia River Gorge (Linderniaceae)

False Pimpernel: The Genus Lindernia -

The Mazus Family in the Columbia River Gorge (Mazaceae)

Japanese Mazus, Mazus: Mazus pumilus var. pumilus (Synonym: Mazus japonicus) -

The Broomrape Family in the Columbia River Gorge (Orobanchaceae)

Broomrapes: The Genus Aphyllon (formerly Orobanche) -

Parentucellia, Yellow Glandweed, Yellow Parentucellia: Bellardia viscosa (Synonym: Parentucellia viscosa) -

Paintbrush: The Genus Castilleja -

Clustered Bird's Beak, Yakima Birdbeak, Yakima Bird's-beak: Cordylanthus capitatus (Synonym: Cordylanthus nevadensis) -

Drug Eyebright, Eyebright: Euphrasia stricta (Synonyms: Euphrasia brevipila, Euphrasia condensata, Euphrasia officinalis, Euphrasia rigidula) -

Owl-clovers: The Genus Orthocarpus -

Louseworts: The Genus Pedicularis -

Little Yellowrattle, Little Yellow Rattle, Rattlepod, Yellow Rattle: Rhinanthus minor (Synonyms: Rhinanthus borealis, Rhinanthus borealis ssp. borealis, Rhinanthus borealis ssp. kyrollae, Rhinanthus borealis ssp. borealis, Rhinanthus crista-galli, Rhinanthus kyrollae, Rhinanthus minor ssp. groenlandicus, Rhinanthus minor ssp. minor) -

Dwarf Owl-clover, Dwarf Owl's-clover, Native Owl-clover: Triphysaria pusilla (Synonyms: Orthocarpus pusillus, Orthocarpus pusillus var. densiuscuus)

The Monkeyflower Family in the Columbia River Gorge(Phrymaceae)

Monkeyflowers: The Genera Diplacus, Erythranthe and Mimulus -

Downy Monkey-flower, False Monkeyflower, Mimetanthe: Mimetanthe pilosa (Synonym: Mimulus pilosus) -

The Plantain Family in the Columbia River Gorge(Plantaginaceae)

Water-starworts: The Genus Callitriche

Blue-eyed Mary: The Genus Collinsia -

Ivy-leaved Toadflax: Cymbalaria muralis (Synonym: Linaria cymbalaria)

Foxglove, Purple Foxglove: Digitalis purpurea ssp. purpurea (Synonyms: Digitalis purpurea, Digitalis purpurea var. alba, Digitalis purpurea var. gloxiniiflora, Digitalis purpurea var. purpurea, Digitalis purpurea var. tomentosa) - Bright pink tubular flowers with red dots within white dots on the lower petal, leading into the interior of the flower tube. Robust plant to 6 feet tall.

Hedge-hyssop: The Genus Gratiola -

Toad-flax: The Genus Linaria -

Turtle Head, Woodland Beardtongue: Nothochelone nemorosa (Synonym: Penstemon nemorosus) -

Penstemons: The Genus Penstemon - Shrubby or herbaceous wildflowers, having large tubular flowers, with two lips (three upper petals & two lower petals).

Plantains: The Genus Plantago

Greater Baby-innocence, Large-flowered Tonella, Manyflower Tonella: Tonella floribunda - Historical collection (1935) from near Bingen, WA

Lesser Baby-innocence, Lesser Baby Innocence, Small-flowered Tonella: Tonella tenella -

Kittentails and Speedwells: The Genus Veronica (includes the former genus Synthyris) -

Kittentails: The Genus Synthyris -

The Figwort Family in the Columbia River Gorge (Scrophulariaceae)

Awl-leaf Mudwort, Mudwort, Northern Mudwort, Water Mudwort: Limosella aquatica (Synonym: Limosella aquatica var. aquatica) -

Lanceleaf Figwort, Lance-leaf Figwort: Scrophularia lanceolata (Synonyms: Scrophularia leporella, Scrophularia nodosa var. occidentalis, Scrophularia occidentalis, Scrophularia pectinata) -

Mullein: The Genus Verbascum -

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