[The Plantain Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

Penstemons and Beardtongues of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

Inflorrescence of Cascade Penstemon: Penstemon serrulatus

Cascade Penstemon: Penstemon serrulatus

Penstemons Found in the Columbia River Gorge:

Sand Penstemon, Sand Dune Penstemon, Sharpleaf Penstemon, Sharp-leaved Penstemon: Penstemon acuminatus var. acuminatus (Synonym: Penstemon attenuatus var. hyacinthinus) -

Sulphur Penstemon, Taper-leaved Penstemon: Penstemon attenuatus var. attenuatus (Synonym: Penstemon attenuatus ssp. attenuatus) - Found along the periphery of the Gorge, including the upper Klickitat River drainage and near Satus Pass.

Barrett's Beardtongue, Barrett's Penstemon: Penstemon barrettiae -

Cardwell's Beardtongue, Cardwell's Penstemon: Penstemon cardwellii -

Hot-rock Penstemon, Scabland Penstemon, Scorched Penstemon, Variable Hotrock Penstemon: Penstemon deustus var. variabilis (Synonyms: Penstemon deustus ssp. variabilis, Penstemon variabilis) -

Crested-tongue Penstemon, Fuzzytongue Penstemon, Fuzzy-tongue Penstemon, Whited's Penstemon: Penstemon eriantherus var. whitedii (Synonyms: Penstemon whitedii, Penstemon whitedii ssp. dayanus) -

Bush Penstemon, Shrubby Penstemon: Penstemon fruticosus var. fruticosus (Synonym: Penstemon fruticosus ssp. fruticosus) -

Gairdner's Beardtongue, Gairdner's Penstemon: Penstemon gairdneri var. gairdneri (Synonyms: Penstemon gairdneri ssp. hians, Penstemon gairdneri var. hians) -

Chelan Penstemon, Glandular Penstemon, Stickystem Penstemon, Sticky-stem Penstemon: Penstemon glandulosus var. chelanensis (Synonym: Penstemon glandulosus ssp. chelanensis) -

Glandular Penstemon, Stickystem Penstemon, Sticky-stem Penstemon: Penstemon glandulosus var. glandulosus (Synonym: Synonym: Penstemon glandulosus ssp. glandulosus) -

Broad-leaf Penstemon, Broad-leaved Penstemon, Eggleaf Beardtongue, Egg-leaf Beardtongue, Egg-leaf Penstemon: Penstemon ovatus -

Curved-cutleaf Beardtongue, Cutleaf Beardtongue: Penstemon richardsonii var. curtiflorus (Synonym: Penstemon richardsonii ssp. curtiflorus) -

Cutleaf Beardtongue, Cut-leaf Penstemon, Richardson's Penstemon: Penstemon richardsonii var. richardsonii -

Cliff Beardtongue, Cliff Penstemon, Rock Penstemon: Penstemon rupicola -

Cascade Penstemon, Cascade Penstemon, Coast Penstemon, Serrulate Penstemon: Penstemon serrulatus -

Royal Beardtongue, Royal Penstemon, Showy Penstemon: Penstemon speciosus (Synonym: Penstemon speciosus ssp. kennedyi) -

Finetooth Penstemon, Fine-tooth Penstemon, Fine-toothed Penstemon: Penstemon subserratus -

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