[The Figwort Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

Monkeyflowers of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

The Genera Diplacus, Erythranthe and Mimulus

Corolla of Mimulus nanus

Dwarf Purple Monkey Flower: Mimulus nanus var. nanus

Cusick's Monkeyflower, Cusick's Monkey-flower: Diplacus cusickii (Synonyms: Eunanus cusickii, Mimulus cusickii) - Possibly found in the eastern Columbia River Gorge. Some former locations near the mouth of the Deschutes River?

Nesom's Monkeyflower: Diplacus cusickioides (Synonym: Mimulus cusickii) - Possibly found in the eastern Columbia River Gorge. Some former locations in Klickitat County?

Dwarf Monkeyflower, Dwarf Purple Monkeyflower, Dwarf Purple Monkey-flower: Diplacus nanus (Synonyms: Mimulus nanus, Mimulus nanus ssp. nanus, Mimulus nanus var. nanus) - Flowers magenta or reddish-purple. Corollas conspicuously 2-lipped.

Chickweed Monkeyflower, Chickweed Monkey-flower, Chickweed Monkey Flower, Wingstem Monkeyflower, Wing-stem Monkey-flower: Erythranthe alsinoides (Synonym: Mimulus alsinoides) - Yellow flower with large red dot in center of lower lip. All petal tips notched. Corolla strongly 2-lipped. 1-8 inches tall.

Short-flowered Monkey Flower: Erythranthe breviflora (Synonyms: Mimulus breviflorus, Mimulus breviflorus ssp. breviflorus, Mimulus breviflorus ssp. robustus) - Tiny, thin yellow flower. All 5 petals are nearly the same size and shape, so this one looks like it does not have two lips as the other monkey flowers do. Calyx teeth all roughly the same size and shape. Leaves taper gradually to the petiole. Plants 1-5 inches tall.

Brewer's Monkeyflower: Erythranthe breweri (Synonyms: Mimulus breweri, Mimulus rubellus var. breweri)

Sharp-leaved Monkey-flower, Showy Monkey-flower, Showy Monkeyflower: Erythranthe decora (Synonyms: Mimulus decorus, Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus guttatus var. decorus)

Many-flowered Monkey-flower, Purple-stem Monkey Flower, Purple-stemmed Monkeyflower: Erythranthe floribunda (Synonyms: Mimulus deltoides, Mimulus floribundus, Mimulus geniculatus, Mimulus membranaceus, Mimulus multiflorus, Mimulus pubescens, Mimulus serotinus, Mimulus subulatus, Mimulus trisulcatus) - Tiny yellow flowers, the corollas slightly 2-lipped but the corolla lobes are nearly the same size and shape. Herbage conspicuously glandular-hairy. Leaves abruptly contracted to the petiole.

Common Monkeyflower, Common Monkey Flower, Seep Monkeyflower, Seep Monkey-flower: Erythranthe guttata (Synonyms: Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus guttatus var. guttatus, Mimulus guttatus var. lyratus, Mimulus guttatus var. puberulus, Mimulus lyratus) - Yellow flower with small red dots on lower lip. Corolla strongly 2-lipped. Side petals not notched. Upper calyx tooth conspicuously longer than the others. Plants 3 inches to 3 feet tall.

Disappearing Monkey-flower, Disappearing Monkeyflower: Erythranthe inflatula (Synonyms: Mimulus evanescens, Mimulus inflatulus)

Columbia Monkey Flower, Jungermann's Monkeyflower, Liverwort Monkeyflower, Liverwort Monkey-flower: Erythranthe jungermannioides (Synonym: Mimulus jungermannioides) - Yellow flower. Calyx teeth roughly the same size and shape, or the upper tooth slightly longer than the others. Leaves and stems conspicuously sticky-haired or slimy. Leaves palmately veined.

Great Purple Monkeyflower, Lewis' Monkeyflower, Lewis' Monkey Flower, Purple Monkeyflower, Purple Monkey-flower: Erythranthe lewisii (Synonyms: Mimulus lewisii) - Vibrant pink or occasionally albino flowers.

Small-leaf Monkeyflower, Small-leaved Monkey-flower: Erythranthe microphylla (Synonyms: Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus guttatus var. depuaperatus, Mimulus guttatus var. laxus, Mimulus guttatus var. microphyllus, Mimulus laxus, Mimulus microphyllus)

Beaded Monkeyflower: Erythranthe moniliformis (Synonyms: Mimulus moscahtus, Mimulus moschatus var. longiflorus, Mimulus moschatus var. sessilifolius)

Musk-flower, Musk Monkeyflower, Musk Monkey Flower, Musk-plant, Sticky Monkey-flower: Erythranthe moschata (Synonyms: Mimulus moschatus, Mimulus moschatus var. moschatus) - Flowers yellow. Leaves and stems conspicuously sticky-haired or slimy. Leaves pinnately veined.

Large-nose Monkeyflower, Large-nose Monkey-flower, Snouted Monkey-flower: Erythranthe nasuta (Synonyms: Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus nasutus, Mimulus puncticalyx, Mimulus sookensis)

Sessile-leaved Monkey-flower: Erythranthe ptilota (Synonym: Mimulus moschatus var. pallidiflorus)

Candelabrum Monkeyflower, Pulsifer's Monkeyflower, Pulsifer's Monkey Flower: Erythranthe pulsiferae (Synonym: Mimulus pulsiferae) - Flower yellow. Corollas slighty 2-lipped, the corolla lobes largely the same size and shape. Herbage slightly glandular-pubescent. Leaves taper gradually to petiole or sessile.

Miniature Monkey-flower, Suksdorf's Monkeyflower: Erythranthe suksdorfii (Synonym: Mimulus suksdorfii)

Washington Monkeyflower: Erythranthe washingtonensis (Synonyms: Mimulus patulus ssp. montanus, Mimulus washingtonensis, Mimulus washingtonensis var. ampliatus, Mimulus washingtonensis var. washingtonensis) - Formerly on muddy banks of the Columbia River. Probably extirpated by flooding the pools behind each of the dams.

Allegheny Monkey-flower, Ringen Monkeyflower, Square-stemmed Monkeyflower: Mimulus ringens (Synonym: Mimulus ringens var. ringens)

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