[The Plantain Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

Brooklimes, Kittentails and Speedwells of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Veronica

American Brooklime, American Speedwell: Veronica americana

American Brooklime: Veronica americana

American Brooklime, American Speedwell: Veronica americana -

Blue Speedwell, Water Speedwell, Water Pimpernel: Veronica anagallis-aquatica (Synonyms: Veronica anagallis, Veronica comosa, Veronica comosa var. glaberrima, Veronica comosa var. glandulosa, Veronica connata ssp. glaberrima, Veronica connata var. glaberrima, Veronica connata var. typica, Veronica glandifera, Veronica grandiflora, Veronica x lackschewitzii, Veronica micromeria, Veronica salina) -

Common Speedwell, Corn Speedwell, Field Speedwell, Wall Speedwell: Veronica arvensis -

Chain Speedwell: Veronica catenata (Synonym: Veronica connata) -

Germander Speedwell: Veronica chamaedrys -

Cusick's Speedwell: Veronica cusickii - From an observation from Indian Springs.

Threadstalk Speedwell, Thread-stalk Speedwelll: Veronica filiformis -

Ivy Speedwell, Ivyleaf Speedwell, Ivy-leaf Speedwell: Veronica hederifolia (Synonym: Veronica hederaefolia) -

Columbia Kittentails, Columbia Synthyris, Mountain Kittentails, Tailed Kittentails, Western Mountain Kittentails: Veronica missurica ssp. stellata (Synonyms: Synthyris missurica, Synthyris missurica ssp. stellata, Synthyris missurica var. major, Synthyris stellata) - Herbaceous, perennial wildflower with clusters of blue to lavender, bell-like flowers above orbicular leaves with coarsely serrated leaf margins.

Common Gypsyweed, Common Speedwell, Heath Speedwell, Herbal Speedwell, Paul's Betony: Veronica officinalis (Synonyms: Veronica officinalis var. officinalis, Veronica officinalis var. tournefortii, Veronica tournefortii) -

Hairy Purslane Speedwell, Purslane Speedwell: Veronica peregrina ssp. xalapensis (Synonyms: Veronica peregrina var. xalapensis, Veronica sherwoodii, Veronica xalapensis) -

Bird-eye Speedwell, Persian Speedwell: Veronica persica (Synonyms: Veronica persica var. aschersoniana, Veronica persica var. corrensiana, Veronica persica var. persica) -

Round-leaved Kittentails, Snowqueen, Snow Queen: Veronica regina-nivalis (Synonyms: Synthyris reniformis, Synthyris reniformis var. reniformis) -

Grass-leaf Speedwell, Marsh Speedwell, Skullcap Speedwell: Veronica scutellata (Synonym: Veronica scutellata var. villosa) -

Brightblue Speedwell, Thyme-leaved Speedwell: Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. humifusa (Synonyms: Veronica humifusa, Veronica serpyllifolia var. borealis, Veronica serpyllifolia var. humifusa, Veronica tenella, Veronicastrum serpyllifolium ssp. humifusum) -

Thymeleaf Speedwell, Thyme-leaved Speedwell: Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia (Synonyms: Veronica serpyllifolia var. nummularioides, Veronica serpyllifolia var. serpyllifolia, Veronicastrum serpyllifolium) -

Spring Speedwell: Veronica verna -

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