[The Flora of Denali National Park and Preserve: Wildflowers with 5 petals]

The Figwort or Snapdragon Family in Denali National Park and Preserve


Woolly Lousewort: Pedicularis lanata (Synonym: Pedicularis kanei)

Woolly Lousewort: Pedicularis kanei (P. lanata)

Note: The figwort family has been split into and joined with a number of other families. These new families are indicated below:


Broomrape, Northern Groundcone, Poque: Boschniakia rossica (Synonyms: Boschniakia glabra, Orobanche glabra, Orobanche rossica)

Pale Indian Paintbrush, Port Clarence Indian Paintbrush: Castilleja caudata var. caudata (Synonyms: Castilleja pallida ssp. caudata, Castilleja pallida var. caudata)

Elegant Indian Paintbrush, Elegant Paintbrush, Red Paintbrush: Castilleja elegans (Synonyms: Castilleja pallida ssp. elegans, Castilleja pallida var. elegans)

Polar Eyebright: Euphrasia disjuncta (Synonyms: Euphrasia arctica var. disjuncta, Euphrasia subarctica) - There are collections of this species from the Park but range maps from the USDA website show that it is found in eastern Canada, so I don't know why there's a discrepency between scientific name and range.

Capitate Lousewort: Pedicularis capitata (Synonym: Pedicularis nelsonii)

Labrador Lousewort: Pedicularis labradorica var. labradorica (Synonym: Pedicularis euphrasioides)

Bumble-bee Flower, Woolly Lousewort: Pedicularis lanata (Synonyms: Pedicularis kanei, Pedicularis lanata ssp. yukonensis, Pedicularis wildenowii)

Arctic Lousewort, Langsdorf Lousewort, Langsdorf's Lousewort: Pedicularis langsdorfii (ssp. arctica or ssp. langsdorfii ?)

Crimson-tipped Lousewort, Oeder's Lousewort: Pedicularis oederi (Synonym: Pedicularis versicolor)

Fernweed, Sudeten Lousewort, Sudetic Lousewort: Pedicularis sudetica (varieties albolabiata, interioides, interior, or pacifica ?)

Verticillate Lousewort, Whorled Lousewort: Pedicularis verticillata (Synonym: Pediculariopsis verticillata)

Arctic Rattlebox, Yellow Rattle: Rhinanthus minor ssp. groenlandicus (Synonyms: Rhinanthus arcticus, Rhinanthus borealis, Rhinanthus groenlandicus, Rhinanthus minor ssp. borealis) - I am unsure whether this species is found inside Denali National Park, but there is a chance it could be in the vicinity of the park entrance.


Little Weaselsnout, Little Weasel Snout, Weasel Snout: Lagotis glauca ssp. lanceolata (Synonyms: Lagotis glauca ssp. minor, Lagotis minor, Lagotis stelleri, Lagotis glauca var. stelleri)

Alaskan Kitten tails, Alaska Synthyris, Kittentails, Northern Kittentails, Northern Kitten Tails: Syntheris borealis

Alpine Speedwell, American Alpine Speedwell: Veronica wormskjoldii (var. stelleri or var. wormskjoldii ?)

Paul Slichter