[The Sedge Family in the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington]

Sedges of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Carex

Spikes of Ample-leaved Sedge, Bigleaf Sedge,Big-leaf Sedge: Carex amplifolia

Big-leaf Sedge: Carex amplifolia

This list of sedges has been updated using the book "Field Guide to the Sedges of the Pacific Northwest. It is currently incomplete and will be updated further once the field season is finished in the late fall or early winter.

Updated: November 13, 2019

Abruptly Beaked Sedge: Carex abrupta -

Ample-leaved Sedge, Bigleaf Sedge,Big-leaf Sedge: Carex amplifolia -

Many-fruit Sedge, Widefruit Sedge, Wide-fruited Sedge: Carex angustata (Synonyms: Carex egregia, Carex eurycarpa, Carex eurycarpa var. attenuata, Carex oxycarpa, Carex striata var. erecta) -

Columbia Sedge, Columbian Sedge: Carex aperta (Synonyms: Carex accedens, Carex acutina var. tenuior, Carex stylosa var. virens, Carex turgidula) -

Water Sedge: Carex aquatilis var. aquatilis (Synonyms: Carex acutinella, Carex aquatilis ssp. altior, Carex aquatilis var. altior, Carex aquatilis var. substricta, Carex interimus, Carex pachystoma, Carex substricta, Carex suksdorfii, Carex variabilis) -

Sitka Sedge: Carex aquatilis var. dives (Synonyms: Carex aquatilis var. sitchensis, Carex dives, Carex howellii, Carex panda, Carex sitchensis) -

Northern Cluster Sedge, Northern Clustered Sedge: Carex arcta (Synonyms: Carex canescens ssp. polystachya, Carex canescens var. oregana, Carex heleonastes var. scabriuscula, Carex kunzei) -

Awned Sedge, Wheat Sedge: Carex atherodes -

Slenderbeak Sedge, Slender-beak Sedge: Carex athrostachya (Synonym: Carex atherostachya misspelled) -

Blackscaled Sedge, Brainerd's Sedge, Lesser Blackscale Sedge: Carex atrosquama (Synonyms: Carex apoda, Carex atrata ssp. atrosquama, Carex atrata var. atrosquama) -

Golden Sedge, Pumpkin Sedge: Carex aurea -

Santa Barbara Sedge, Whiteroot Sedge: Carex barbarae -

Bebb's Sedge: Carex bebbii (Synonyms: Carex tribuloides, Carex tribuloides var. bebbii) -

Bolander's Sedge: Carex bolanderi (Synonyms: Carex bolanderi ssp. bolanderi, Carex deweyana, Carex deweyana var. bolanderi) -

Brainerd's Sedge: Carex brainerdii -

Plains Oval Sedge, Shortbeak Sedge: Carex brevior (Synonym: Carex festucacea var. brevior) -

Brewer's Sedge: Carex breweri (Synonyms: Carex breweri var. breweri, Carex engelmannii) -

Brown Sedge, Brownish Sedge: Carex brunnescens ssp. brunnescens

Brown Bog Sedge, Buxbaum's Sedge: Carex buxbaumii (Synonyms: Carex buxbaumii var. anticostensis, Carex holmiana, Carex polygama) -

California Sedge: Carex californica -

Gray Sedge, Silvery Sedge: Carex canescens (Synonyms: Carex curta, Carex canescens ssp. canescens) -

Hair Sedge, Hairlike Sedge, Hair-like Sedge: Carex capillaris (Synonyms: Carex boecheriana, Carex capillaris ssp. chlorostachys, Carex capillaris ssp. robustior, Carex capillaris var. elongata, Carex capillaris var. fuscidula, Carex capillaris var. major, Carex chlorostachys, Carex fuscidula, Carex tiogana) -

Capitate Sedge: Carex capitata (Synonym: Carex capitata ssp. capitata) -

Cordroot Sedge, Creeping Sedge, Rope-root Sedge: Carex chordorrhiza -

Bearded Sedge, Bristly Sedge, Longhair Sedge: Carex comosa -

Northwestern Sedge: Carex concinnoides -

Cordilleran Sedge: Carex cordillerana -

Crawford's Sedge: Carex crawfordii (Synonym: Carex crawfordii var. vigens) -

Cusick's Sedge: Carex cusickii (Synonyms: Carex obovoidea, Carex teretiuscula, Carex teretiuscula var. ampla) -

Constance's Sedge, Davy's Sedge: Carex davyi (Synonym: Carex constanceana) -

Mountain Mat Sedge: Carex deflexa var. boothii -

Dense Sedge: Carex densa (Synonyms: Carex breviligulata, Carex brongniartii, Carex brongniartii var. densa, Carex chrysoleuca, Carex dudleyi, Carex vicaria, Carex vicaria var. costata, Carex vulpinoidea var. vicaria) -

Lesser Panicled Sedge, Lesser Tussock Sedge: Carex diandra -

Shortleaf Sedge, Short-leaf Sedge, Softleaf Sedge: Carex disperma (Synonym: Carex tenella) -

Douglas' Sedge: Carex douglasii -

Narrowleaf Sedge, Needleaf Sedge: Carex duriuscula (Synonym: Carex eleocharis, Carex stenophylla, Carex stenophylla ssp. eleocharis, Carex stenophylla var. enervis) -

Bristly Sedge, Muricate Sedge, Prickly Sedge, Star Sedge, Stellate Sedge: Carex echinata ssp. echinata (Synonyms: Carex angustior, Carex angustior var. gracilenta, Carex cephalantha, Carex echinata var. angustata, Carex echinata var. echinata, Carex hawaiiensis, Carex josselynii, Carex laricina, Carex leersii, Carex muricata, Carex muricata var. angustata, Carex muricata var. cephalantha, Carex muricata var. laricina, Carex ormantha, Carex phyllomanica var. angustata, Carex phyllomanica var. ormantha, Carex svensonis) -

Engelmann's Sedge: Carex engelmannii (Synonym: Carex breweri var. paddoensis) -

Big Inflated Sedge, Oxbow Sedge, Western Inflated Sedge: Carex exsiccata (Synonym: Carex vesicaria var. major) -

Greensheath Sedge, Green-sheath Sedge, Green-sheathed Sedge: Carex feta (Synonym: Carex straminea var. mixta) -

Threadleaf Sedge, Wool Grass: Carex filifolia var. filifolia (Synonyms: Carex elyniformis, Carex exserta, Carex filifolia, Carex filifolia var. erostrata) -

Yellow Sedge, Yellow-green Sedge: Carex flava (Synonyms: Carex flava var. fertilis, Carex flava var. gaspensis, Carex flava var. graminis, Carex flava var. laxior, Carex flava var. rectirostra, Carex laxior, Carex nevadensis ssp. flavella) -

Fragile Sheathed Sedge, Fragile-sheath Sedge, Fragile-sheathed Sedge: Carex fracta -

Elk Sedge, Geyer's Sedge: Carex geyeri -

Northern Bog Sedge, Yellow Bog Sedge: Carex gynocrates (Synonym: Carex dioica, Carex dioica ssp. gynocrates, Carex dioica var. gynocrates, Carex parallela) -

Hall's Sedge, Oregon Sedge: Carex halliana (Synonym: Carex oregonensis) -

False Golden Sedge, Salt Sedge: Carex hassei (Synonyms: Carex aurea, Carex aurea var. androgyna, Carex garberi, Carex saliniformis) -

Henderson's Sedge, Timber Sedge: Carex hendersonii -

Blackened Sedge, Different-nerve Sedge, Different-nerved Sedge, Smooth-fruit Sedge: Carex heteroneura (Synonyms: Carex atrata, Carex atrata var. erecta, Carex epapillosa, Carex heteronerua var. epapillosa) -

Different-nerve Sedge, Different-veined Sedge: Carex heteroneura (Synonyms: Carex atrata var. erecta, Carex heteroneura var. heteroneura) -

Hood's Sedge: Carex hoodii -

Bottlebrush Sedge, Porcupine Sedge: Carex hystericina (Synonym: Carex hystricina misspelled) -

Sheep Sedge, Small-head Sedge, Small-headed Sedge: Carex illota -

Weak-veined Sedge: Carex infirminervia (Synonyms: Carex bolanderi ssp. infirminerivia, Carex deweyana) -

Long-stolon Sedge: Carex inops ssp. inops (Synonyms: Carex pensylvanica, Carex pensylvanica var. vespertina) -

Smoothbeak Sedge, Smooth-beaked Sedge: Carex integra -

Inland Sedge: Carex interior (Synonym: Carex interior ssp. charlestonensis, Carex interior var. keweenawensis, Carex scirpoides) -

Greenfruit Sedge, Green-fruited Sedge: Carex interrupta (Synonym: Carex interrupta var. distenta) -

Jones' Sedge: Carex jonesii (Synonym: Carex nervina var. jonesii) -

Kellogg's Sedge, Lakeshore Sedge: Carex kelloggii var. kelloggii (Synonyms: Carex hindsii, Carex hindsii var. brevigluma, Carex kelloggii, Carex lenticularis var. lenticularis, Carex lenticularis var. lipocarpa, Carex lenticularis var. pallida, Carex lenticularis var. paullifructus, Carex vulgaris var. lipocarpa) -

Smoothstem Sedge, Smooth-stem Sedge, Smooth-stemmed Sedge: Carex laeviculmis (Synonym: Carex deweyana ssp. sparsiflora) -

American Woollyfruit Sedge, Slender Bog Sedge, Slender Woolly Sedge, Woollyfruit Sedge, Woolly-fruited Sedge: Carex lasiocarpa var. americana (Synonym: Carex lasiocarpa ssp. americana) -

Few-ribbed Sedge, Lakeshore Sedge: Carex lenticularis var. impressa (Synonyms: Carex limnaea, Carex paucicostata) -

Eggbract Sedge, Hare Sedge: Carex leporina (Synonyms: Carex ovalis, Carex tracyi) -

Little Hare Sedge, Sierra Hare Sedge: Carex leporinella -

Bristle-stalked Sedge, Bristlystalked Sedge: Carex leptalea (Synonyms: Carex jimcalderi, Carex leptalea ssp. leptalea, Carex leptalea ssp. pacifica, Carex leptalea var. harperi, Carex leptalea var. tayloris) -

Dewey's Sedge, Taperfruit Shortscale Sedge: Carex leptopoda (Synonyms: Carex deweyana, Carex deweyana ssp. leptopoda, Carex deweyana var. leptopoda) -

Mud Sedge: Carex limosa -

Livid Sedge, Pale Sedge: Carex livida (Synonyms: Carex limosa var. livida, Carex livida var. grayana, Carex livida var. radicaulis) -

Spring Sedge, Woodrush Sedge: Carex luzulina var. ablata (Synonyms: Carex ablata, Carex luzulina, Carex luzulina var. luzulina, Carex owyheensis) -

Boreal Bog Sedge, Poor Sedge: Carex magellanica ssp. irrigua (Synonyms: Carex magellanica var. irrigua, Carex paupercula, Carex paupercula var. brevisquama, Carex paupercula var. irrigua, Carex paupercula var. pallens) -

Closehead Sedge, Scandinavian Sedge: Carex media (Synonyms: Carex alpina, Carex alpina var. inferalpina, Carex angarae, Carex norvegica, Carex norvegica ssp. inferalpina, Carex norvegia var. inferalpina, Carex norvegica ssp. norvegica, Carex vahlii, Carex vahlii var. inferalpina) -

Mendocino Sedge: Carex mendocinensis (Synonym: Carex debiliformis) -

Merten's Sedge: Carex mertensii (Synonym: Carex columbiana) -

Pyrenean Sedge, Pyrenees Sedge: Carex micropoda (Synonyms: Carex crandallii, Carex jacobi-peteri, Carex pyrenaica, Carex pyrenaica ssp. micropoda, Carex pyrenaica var. mondsii) -

Smallwing Sedge, Small-winged Sedge: Carex microptera (Synonyms: Carex festivella, Carex limnophila, Carex macloviana ssp. festivella, Carex macloviana var. microptera, Carex microptera var. crassinervia, Carex microptera var. limnophila) -

Manystem Sedge, Many-stemmed Sedge: Carex multicaulis -

Manyrib Sedge, Many-rib Sedge, Many-ribbed Sedge: Carex multicostata (Synonym: Carex pachycarpa) -

Hepburn's Sedge, Spikenard Sedge: Carex nardina var. hepburnii (Synonyms: Carex elyniformis, Carex hepburnii, Carex nardina spp. hepburnii, Carex nardina var. atriceps, Carex nardina, Carex stantonensis) -

Nebraska Sedge: Carex nebrascensis (Synonyms: Carex jamesii, Carex nebrascensis var. eruciformis, Carex nebrascensis var. praevia, Carex nebrascensis var. ultriformis, Carex nebraskensis) -

Sierra Sedge, Sierra Nerved Sedge: Carex nervina -

Alpine Nerved Sedge: Carex neurophora -

Black Alpine Sedge: Carex nigricans -

Naked Sedge, Torrent Sedge: Carex nudata (Synonyms: Carex acutina, Carex bishallii, Carex hallii, Carex nudata var. anomala, Carex suborbiculata, Carex tenacissima) -

Slough Sedge: Carex obnupta (Synonym: Carex magnifica) -

Chamisso Sedge, Thick-head Sedge, Thick-headed Sedge: Carex pachystachya (Synonyms: Carex festiva var. gracilis, Carex festiva var. pachystachya, Carex macloviana ssp. pachystachya, Carex macloviana var. pachystachya, Carex pachystachya ssp. pachystachya, Carex pachystachya var. gracilis, Carex pachystachya var. monds-coulteri, Carex platylepis, Carex pyrophila) -

Fewflower Sedge, Few-flowered Sedge: Carex pauciflora -

Woolly Sedge: Carex pellita (Synonyms: Carex lanuginosa, Carex lasiocarpa var. latifolia) -

Liddon Sedge, Liddon's Sedge: Carex petasata (Synonym: Carex liddonii) -

Dunhead Sedge, Mountain Hare Sedge: Carex phaeocephala (Synonym: Carex eastwoodiana) -

Early Sedge, Teacher's Sedge: Carex praeceptorum (Synonyms: Carex heleonastes var. dubia, Carex praeceptorium) -

Black Creeper Sedge, Clustered Field Sedge: Carex praegracilis (Synonym: Carex camporum) -

Meadow Sedge, Northern Meadow Sedge: Carex praticola (Synonyms: Carex piperi, Carex praticola var. subcoriacea) -

Presl Sedge, Presl's Sedge: Carex preslii -

Great Smoky Mountain Sedge, Potato Chip Sedge: Carex proposita -

Raynold's Sedge: Carex raynoldsii (Synonym: Carex lyallii) -

Knotsheath Sedge, Retrorse Sedge: Carex retrorsa -

Ross's Sedge: Carex rossii (Synonyms: Carex brevipes, Carex deflexa ssp. media, Carex deflexa var. farwellii, Carex deflexa var. rossii, Carex diversistylis, Carex farwellii, Carex novae-angliae, Carex novae-angliae var. rossii) -

Limestone Sedge, Rock Sedge: Carex saxatilis var. major (Synonyms: Carex ambusta, Carex compacta, Carex miliaris, Carex physocarpa, Carex xphsocarpoides (C. saxatilis x utriculata), Carex rhomalea, Carex rotundata var. compacta, Carex saxatilis, Carex saxatilis ssp. laxa, Carex saxatilis var. major, Carex saxatilis var. miliaris, Carex saxatilis var. rhomalea) -

Western Singlespike Sedge, Western Single Spiked Sedge: Carex scirpoidea ssp. pseudoscirpoidea (Synonyms: Carex pseudoscirpoidea, Carex scirpoidea var. pseudoscirpoidea) -

Northern Singlespike Sedge, Snowbank Sedge: Carex scirpoidea ssp. scirpoidea (Synonyms: Carex athabascensis, Carex scirpiformis, Carex scirpoidea var. scirpiformis) -

Alaskan Single-spiked Sedge: Carex scirpoidea ssp. stenochlaena (Synonym: Carex scirpoidea var. stenochlaena, Carex stenochlaena) -

Rocky Mountain Sedge, Mountain Sedge, Sierra Alpine Sedge: Carex scopulorum var. bracteosa (Synonyms: Carex campylocarpa, Carex campylocarpa ssp. affinis, Carex gymnoclada, Carex scopulorum var. scopulorum) -

Firethread Sedge, Saw-leaved Sedge: Carex scopulorum var. prionophylla (Synonyms: Carex miserabilis, Carex prionophylla) -

Sawtooth Sedge, Twotooth Sedge, Two-tooth Sedge: Carex serratodens (Synonym: Carex bifida) -

Dryspike Sedge, Dry-spike Sedge: Carex siccata (Synonyms: Carex aenea, Carex foenea, Carex foenea var. enervis, Carex foenea var. foenea, Carex foenea var. tuberculata) -

Analogue Sedge, Shortbeaked Sedge: Carex simulata -

Showy Sedge: Carex spectabilis (Synonyms: Carex invisa, Carex nigella, Carex spectabilis var. superba, Carex tolmiei, Carex tolmiei var. invisa) -

Awl-fruit Sedge, Owl-fruited Sedge, Sawbeak Sedge: Carex stipata var. stipata -

Mt. Shasta Sedge, Shasta Sedge: Carex straminiformis -

Long-style Sedge, Variegated Sedge: Carex sylosa (Synonyms: Carex beringiana, Carex nigritella, Carex stylosa var. nigritella) -

Brown Sedge, Rusty Sedge, Sierra Slender Sedge: Carex subfusca (Synonyms: Carex macloviana, Carex macloviana ssp. subfusca, Carex stenoptera, Carex teneriformis) -

Foothill Sedge, Splitawn Sedge: Carex tumulicola -

Lateral Sedge, One-sided Sedge: Carex unilateralis -

Beaked Sedge, Bladder Sedge, Inflated Sedge, Northwest Territory Sedge, Shore Sedge, Southern Beaked Sedge: Carex utriculata (Synonyms: Carex inflata var. utriculata, Carex laevirostris, Carex rhynchophysa, Carex rostrata, Carex rostrata var. utriculata) -

Foetid Sedge, Native Sedge: Carex vernacula (Synonyms: Carex foetida, Carex foetida var. vernacula) -

Blister Sedge, Inflated Sedge, Small Inflated Sedge: Carex vesicaria var. vesicaria (Synonyms: Carex inflata, Carex vesicaria) -

Little Green Sedge: Carex viridula ssp. viridula (Synonyms: Carex oederi, Carex oederi ssp. viridula, Carex oederi var. recterostrata, Carex oederi var. viridula, Carex serotina, Carex viridula var. viridula) -

Fox Sedge: Carex vulpinoidea (Synonyms: Carex microsperma, Carex multiflora, Carex multiflora var. microsperma, Carex scabrior, Carex setacea, Carex vulpinoidea var. microsperma, Carex vulpinoidea var. pycnocephala, Carex vulpinoidea var. scabrior, Carex vulpinoidea var. segregata, Carex vulpinodea var. setacea, Carex vulpinoidea var. vulpinoidea) -

Whitney's Sedge: Carex whitneyi (Synonyms: Carex flaccifolia, Carex jepsonii) -

Bellardi Bog Sedge, Bellard's Kobresia, Mouse-tail Kobresia: Kobresia bellardii (Synonyms: Elyna bellardii, Kobresia bellardi, Kobresia myosuroides -

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