[The Figwort Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Beardtongues and Penstemons East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

the Genus Penstemon

Flower of Penstemon triphyllus

Whorled Penstemon: Penstemon triphyllus

Beardtongues and Penstemons Found East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington:

Sand Penstemon, Sharp-leaved Penstemon: Penstemon acuminatus var. acuminatus (Synonym: Penstemon attenuatus var. hyacinthinus) -

Sand Penstemon, Sharpleaf Penstemon, Sharp-leaved Penstemon: Penstemon acuminatus var. latebracteatus -

Alberta Beardtongue, Alberta Penstemon: Penstemon albertinus - Found in British Columbia, Alberta, Montana and Idaho. Hybridizes with Penstemon wilcoxii where found together.

Tongue-leaved Penstemon: Penstemon anguineus (Synonym: Penstemon rattanii var. minor) -

Sulphur Penstemon, Taper-leaved Penstemon: Penstemon attenuatus var. attenuatus (Synonym: Penstemon attenuatus ssp. attenuatus) -

Small-flowered Sulphur Beardtongue, Sulphur Beardtongue, Taper-leaved Penstemon: Penstemon attenuatus var. palustris (Synonym: Penstemon attenuatus ssp. palustris) -

Barrett's Penstemon, Barrett's Beardtongue: Penstemon barrettiae - A species primarily of a limited area of the eastern Columbia River Gorge, the species can also be found in the Klickitat River canyon.

Cardwell's Penstemon: Penstemon cardwellii - A collection from Baker county in 1903. A mis-sID of P. fruticosus var. serratus?

Ash Penstemon, Small-flowered Penstemon: Penstemon cinicola -

Yellow Penstemon: Penstemon confertus -

Cusick's Penstemon: Penstemon cusickii -

Davidson's Beardtongue, Davidson's Creeping Penstemon, Davidson's Penstemon: Penstemon davidsonii var. davidsonii (Synonyms: Penstemon menziesii ssp. davidsonii, Penstemon menziesii ssp. thompsonii) -

Davidson's Late Penstemon, Timberline Beardtongue: Penstemon davidsonii var. praeteritus -

Scorched Penstemon: Penstemon deustus (varieties deustus, pedicellatus and variabilis) -

Hotrock Beardtongue, Hot-rock Penstemon, Scabland Penstemon: Penstemon deustus var. deustus (Synonym: Penstemon deustus ssp. deustus) -

Lanceleaf Hotrock Beartongue, Scabland Penstemon: Penstemon deustus var. pedicellatus (Synonyms: Penstemon deustus ssp. heterander, Penstemon deustus var. heterander) -

Hot-rock Penstemon, Scabland Penstemon, Variable Hotrock Penstemon: Penstemon deustus var. variabilis (Synonyms: Penstemon deustus ssp. variabilis, Penstemon variabilis) -

Firecracker Penstemon: Penstemon eatonii -

Lonely Penstemon, Lovely Penstemon, Elegant Penstemon: Penstemon elegantulus -

Rocky Ledge Penstemon, Rockvine Beardtongue: Penstemon ellipticus (Synonym: Penstemon davidsonii ssp. ellipticus) -

Crested Beardtongue, Fuzzytongue Penstemon, John Day Fuzzytongue Penstemon: Penstemon eriantherus var. argilosis (Synonym: Penstemon whitedii ssp. dayanus) -

Crested Penstemon, Fuzzytongue Penstemon, Fuzzy-tongue Penstemon: Penstemon eriantherus var. eriantherus -

Longsac Penstemon, Imnaha Fuzzytongue: Penstemon eriantherus var. redactus (Synonym: Penstemon whitedii ssp. tristis) -

Crested Penstemon, Fuzzytongue Penstemon, Whited's Penstemon: Penstemon eriantherus var. whitedii (Synonym: Penstemon whitedii) -

Glaucous Beardtongue, Glaucous Penstemon: Penstemon euglaucous -

Bush Penstemon, Shrubby Penstemon: Penstemon fruticosus var. fruticosus (Synonym: Penstemon fruticosus ssp. fruticosus) - Additional photos.

Bush Penstemon, Littleleaf Bush Penstemon, Shrubby Penstemon: Penstemon fruticosus var. scouleri (Synonyms: Penstemon fruticosus ssp. scouleri, Penstemon fruticosus var. albus ?, Penstemon scouleri) -

Sawleaf Bush Penstemon, Shrubby Penstemon: Penstemon fruticosus var. serratus (Synonym: Penstemon fruticosus ssp. serratus) -

Gairdner's Penstemon: Penstemon gairdneri var. gairdneri (Synonym: Penstemon gairdneri ssp. gairdneri) -

Opposite-leaved Gairdner's Beardtongue, Opposite-leaved Gairdner's Penstemon: Penstemon gairdneri var. oreganus (Synonym: Penstemon gairdneri ssp. oreganus) -

Sticky-stem Penstemon: Penstemon glandulosus var. chelanensis (Synonym: Penstemon glandulosus ssp. chelanensis) -

Glandular Penstemon, Stickystem Penstemon, Sticky-stem Penstemon: Penstemon glandulosus var. glandulosus (Synonym: Penstemon glandulosus ssp. glandulosus) -

Blue-leaved Penstemon: Penstemon glaucinus - ?? Help me verify if this is this pretty penstemon.

Globe Penstemon: Penstemon globosus -

Slender Penstemon, Very Slender Penstemon: Penstemon gracilentus -

Lowly Penstemon: Penstemon humilus var. humilus (Synonyms: Penstemon cinereus, Penstemon cinereus ssp. cinereus, Penstemon cinereus ssp. foliatus, Penstemon humilis ssp. humilis) -

Janish's Penstemon: Penstemon janishiae -

King's Penstemon: Penstemon kingii -

Cheerful Penstemon, Gay Penstemon: Penstemon laetus var. sagittatus (Synonym: Penstemon laetus ssp. sagittatus) -

Lyall's Penstemon: Penstemon lyallii -

Golden-tongue Penstemon, Malheur Penstemon: Penstemon miser -

Palmer's Penstemon, Scented Beardtongue: Penstemon palmeri var. palmeri (Synonyms: Penstemon palmeri, Penstemon palmeri ssp. typicus) -

Payette Penstemon: Penstemon payettensis -

Peck's Penstemon: Penstemon peckii -

Blue Mountain Penstemon, Pennell's Penstemon: Penstemon pennellianus -

Beautiful Penstemon: Penstemon perpulcher -

Meadow Penstemon- White-flowered Penstemon: Penstemon pratensis -

Pincushion Beardtongue, Short-flowered Pincushion Beardtongue, Small-flowered Penstemon, Tolmie's Penstemon: Penstemon procerus var. brachyanthus (Synonyms: Penstemon brachyanthus, Penstemon procerus ssp. brachyanthus, Penstemon tolmiei ssp. brachyanthus) - A species of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, it can be found along the eastern base of the Cascades from Tumalo south to the California Border and eastward across south-central Oregon south of a rough line between Newberry Crater and the high ridges of Hart Mountain.

Pincushion Beardtongue, Small-flowered Penstemon, Small Pincushion Beardtongue: Penstemon procerus var. formosus (Synonyms: Penstemon procerus ssp. formosus, Penstemon tolmiei ssp. formosus) - Found on high peaks and ridges, generally well east of the Cascades from Gearhart Mountain east to the Steens Mt and northeast to the Wallowa Mts.

Pincushion Beardtongue, Small Penstemon: Penstemon procerus var. procerus (Synonyms: Penstemon confertus ssp. procerus, Penstemon confertus var. procerus) - In Oregon, this variety is found at scattered locations in the Cascades and east across much of central and eastern Oregon to the south of a rough line between Black Butte and Imnaha.

Chelan Penstemon, Chelan Beardtongue, Chilean Beardtongue: Penstemon pruinosus -

Cutleaf Beardtongue: Penstemon richardsonii var. curtiflorus -

Cutleaf Beardtongue, Cutleaf Penstemon, Toothed-cut-leaf Beardtongue: Penstemon richardsonii var. dentatus (Synonym: Penstemon richardsonii ssp. dentatus) -

Cutleaf Penstemon, Cutleaf Beardtongue, Richardson's Penstemon: Penstemon richardsonii var. richardsonii -

Roezl's Penstemon: Penstemon roezlii (Synonyms: Penstemon laetus ssp. roezlii, Penstemon laetus var. roezlii) -

Rock Penstemon, Cliff Penstemon, Cliff Beardtongue: Penstmon rupicola (Synonyms: Penstemon newberryi, Penstemon newberryi var. rupicola)

Herbaceous Penstemon, Rydberg's Penstemon: Penstemon rydbergii var. oreocharis (Synonym: Penstemon oreocharis) -

Rydberg's Penstemon, Swollen Penstemon: Penstemon rydbergii var. rydbergii (Synonyms: Penstemon hesperius, Penstemon rydbergii var. varians, Penstemon vaseyanus) -

Narrow-leaved Penstemon, Short-lobed Penstemon: Penstemon seorsus -

Cascade Penstemon, Cascade Beardtongue, Serrulate Penstemon, Coast Penstemon: Penstemon serrulatus -

Wallowa Mountain Penstemon: Penstemon spatulatus (Synonym: Penstemon spathulatus) -

Showy Penstemon, Royal Penstemon: Penstemon speciosus (Synonym: Penstemon speciosus ssp. kennedyi) -

Fine-toothed Penstemon: Penstemon subserratus - This is a species primarily found on both sides of the Cascade Mts, but a few individuals can be found eastward to the foothills.

Riggin's Penstemon, Whorled Penstemon, Whorled Beardtongue: Penstemon triphyllus -

Lovely Penstemon, Elegant Beardtongue, Venus Penstemon, Blue Mountain Penstemon: Penstemon venustus -

Washington Beardtongue, Washington Penstemon: Penstemon washingtonensis -

Wilcox's Beardtongue, Wilcox's Penstemon: Penstemon wilcoxii (Synonym: Penstemon ovatus var. pinetorum) -

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