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Leaves of Native and Weedy Shrubs and Vines

Willamette Valley, Cascade Mts, Columbia River Gorge

Vines: Plants are primarily vines that spread across the ground or climb into (and must be supported by) other plants.

Shrubs with berries

Plants with Stickers, Prickles, Thorns, or other Sharp, Stingy Plant Parts

Leaves with spiny, sharp edges

or or or or Other Shapes of Simple Pinnate Leaves: Simple leaves with a single main vein (occasionally several main veins) running lengthwise through the middle of the leaf, and often with smaller veins branching off the side of this middle vein.

or or or Simple Palmate Leaves: Simple leaves with 3 or more main veins spreading outward from a central point where the stem joins the leaf. The leaf is somewhat maple leaf shaped.

or or or Compound Pinnate Leaves: Compound leaves, consisting of 3 or more leaflets that arise off both sides of a thick middle vein.

Compound Ternate Leaves: Compound leaves, consisting of 3 leaflets. Scotchbroom, poisonoak, and Salmonberry are examples of this kind of shrub.

or Compound Palmate Leaves: Compound leaves, consisting of 5 or more leaflets that arise from a a central spot where the stem meets the leaf blade.

Paul Slichter