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Leaves of Native and Weedy Shrubs and Vines

Leaves are Compound and Pinnately Veined-3 leaflets

Willamette Valley, Cascade Mts, Columbia River Gorge

Unless otherwise stated, the following shrubs are found west of the Cascade Mts of Oregon and Washington.

Scotch Broom: Leaflets thin, somewhat clover-like. Stems numerous, closely grouped, and dark green in color. Stems lack any prickles. Seeds contained in pea pods.

Poison Oak: Leaflets oval, may be slightly lobed. Stems not armed with prickles. Plant covered with toxic oils, that cause a strong allergic reaction.

Salmonberry: An upright shrub to 8 feet tall. Leaflets coarsely toothed, somewhat triangular in shape, with a pointed tip. Stems may or may not be armed with sharp prickles. Flowers 5-petaled, bright pink or reddish.

Trailing Blackberry/ Dewberry: A viny plant that trails across the ground. Leaflets coarsely toothed, womewhat triangular in shape, with a pointed tip. Flowers 5-petaled, white.

Paul Slichter