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Leaves of Native and Weedy Shrubs and Vines

Leaves are Simple and Palmately Veined

Willamette Valley, Cascade Mts, Columbia River Gorge

Vine Maple: Leaves 7 to 9 lobed. Leaves opposite of each other on the stem.

Thimbleberry: Leaves maple-leaf shaped, with 3-7 lobes. Leaves large, to 25 cm across. Leaves soft and fuzzy. Flowers large and showy, with 5 white, wrinkled petals. Fruit a reddish thimble (like a raspberry).

Ninebark: Leaves 3-5 lobed. Leaves 3-6 cm long. Flowers small, white, in rounded clumps. A plant of wet, often open places along streams or most forest or meadow edges.

Prickly Currant: Stems with numerous small, golden prickles. Leaves with 5 deeply indented lobes and a heart-shaped base.

Red-flowering Currant: Leaves 3-5 lobed. Flowers bright pink, tubular and in clusters.

Sticky Currant: Leaves shallowly 3-5 lobed, and sticky! A plant of moist to dry habitats in open forests, from middle to subalpine elevations on both sides of the Cascades.

Stink Currant: Leaves deeply 5-7 lobed. Plant of undisturbed moist to wet places, commonly along streams, shorelines, and floodplains.

Golden Currant: A species found in the eastern Columbia River Gorge, and on the east side of the Cascade crest. Leaves narrowly three-lobed. Flowers yellow, tubular.

Paul Slichter