[Wildflowers with 5 Petals in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Heath Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington


Wood Nymph- Moneses uniflora

Wood Nymph- Moneses uniflora

Members of the Heath Family Found in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington:

Candy Stick, Sugarstick, Sugar Stick: Allotropa virgata - Herbaceous wildflower to 15 inches in height. Plant looks like an asparagus plant that is candy-striped (red on white) in color.

Kinnikinnick and Manzanita: The Genus Arctostaphylos -

Pipsissewas and Prince's Pine: The Genus Chimaphila -

Salal and Wintergreen: The Genus Gaultheria -

Coneplant, Gnome-plant, Gnome Plant: Hemitomes congestum (Synonyms: Hemitomes spicatum, Newberrya congesta, Newberrya longiloba, Newberrya spicata) -

Alpine Laurel, Bog Laurel, Western Swamp Laurel: Kalmia microphylla (Synonyms: Kalmia microphylla ssp. occidentalis, Kalmia microphylla var. occidentalis, Kalmia occidentalis, Kalmia polifolia, Kalmia polifolia ssp. microphylla, Kalmia polifolia ssp. occidentalis, Kalmia polifolia ssp. polifolia, Kalmia polifolia var. microphylla, Kalmia polifolia var. polifolia) -

False Azalea, Fool's Huckleberry, Fool's-huckleberry, Rusty Menziesia: Menziesia ferruginea (Synonym: Menziesia ferruginea ssp. glabella, Menziesia ferruginea var. ferruginea, Menziesia ferruginea var. glabella, Menziesia glabella) -

Single Delight, Single-delight, Wood Nymph: Moneses uniflora (Synonyms: Moneses uniflora ssp. reticulata, Moneses uniflora ssp. uniflora, Moneses uniflora var. reticulata, Pyrola uniflora) -

Indian Pipe and Pinesap: The Genus Monotropa -

One-sided Pyrola, Sidebells, Sidebells Pyrola, Sidebells Wintergreen: Orthilia secunda (Synonyms: Orthilia secunda ssp. obtusata, Orthilia scunda var. obtusata, Pyrola secunda, Pyrola secunda ssp. obtusata, Pyrola secunda var. obtusata, Pyrola secunda var. secunda, Ramischia elatior, Ramischia secunda) - Herbaceous wildflower to 6 inches in height. Leaves are simple and ovate, and mostly basal. The flowers are like small green bells that line one side of the flower stem above the leaves.

Pink Mountainheath, Red Mountain Heather: Phyllodoce empetriformis -

Fringed-pinesap, Fringed Pinesap, Sierra Pinesap: Pleuricospora fimbriolata (Synonyms: Pleuricospora densa, Pleuricospora longipetala) -

Pinedrops, Woodland Pinedrops: Pterospora andromedea - Herbaceous wildflower to 3 feet in height. This plant looks like a tall, reddish-brown asparagus.

Wintergreens: The Genus Pyrola -

Azaleas and Rhododendrons: The Genus Rhododendron -

Huckleberries, Bilberries and Cranberries: The Genus Vaccinium -

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