[The Flora of Mt. Adams]

Photos of Unidentified Plants from Mt. Adams


updated October 5, 2008


Please help identify the following unidentified plants of Mt. Adams:

1. Unidentified sedge e

2. Unidentified Clover A

3. Unidentified Wildflower

4. Unidentified Groundsmoke: possibly Gayophytum racemosum or G. humile ?

5. Unidentified Groundsmoke A

6. Unidentified Groundsmoke B: possibly Gayophytum racemosum or G. humile?

7. Unidentified willow b

8. Unidentified willow d - possibly Salix lasiandra var. lasiandra or Salix exigua ssp. exigua var. exigua

9. Unidentified willow e -

10. Unidentified algae - Looks like large green marbles (Volvox?)

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