[Groundsmokes: The Genus Gayophytum in Mt. Adams Country]

Unidentified Groundsmoke B

Gayophytum species ?

The photos on this page show an unidentified Gayophytum. Note how small the flowers are, and how the sepals begin to turn downward as the flowers open. Photographed at about 3780' on highly disturbed soils (rockslide area) along Road #23 about 0.4 miles south of the intersection of Rd #8810. This would be at the southwestern corner of Mt. Adams........September 25, 2005.

Note the appressed hairs on the outer surface of the 2 reflexed sepals and inferior ovary, as well as the short pedicels. The plants seen at this location and time were all branched from the base of the plant (See photo below.).

A view of the upper stem leaves and flowers of this unidentified groundsmoke. Some of the leaves of the upper stem are about as long as or slightly longer than the internodes, but one internode seen here is much longer than its subtending leaf.

The photo above shows the form of this groundsmoke. Note how it is much-branched from the base of the plant and how leafy it is below. Many of the leaves (although not all) are longer than the internodes.

Paul Slichter