[The Insects of Mt. Adams]

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Mt. Adams & Vicinity

This damselfly (possibly the northern spreadwing, Lestes disjunctus) was seen along an irrigation canal along the southern loop of the Willard Springs Trail in Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge.....................July 28, 2006. It is clinging to smooth horsetail (Equisetum laevigatum).

Common Green Darner: Anax junius - A large green dragonfly with a bright green thorax.

Common Whitetail: Plathemis lydia -

Western River Cruiser: Macromia magnifica - ????

Northern Spreadwing: Lestes disjunctus ??? -

Unidentified Damselfly B: -

Unidentified Damselfly 3

Unidentified reddish Meadowhawk #1 -

Unidentified Dragonfly

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