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Plant Lists of Oregon Wildflowers

Short-flowered Pincushion Beardtongue: Penstemon procerus var. brachyanthus (Synonyms: enstemon tolmiei ssp. brachyanthus, Penstemon brachyanthus Penstemon brachyanthus, Penstemon tolmiei ssp. brachyanthus)

Short-flowered Pincushion Beardtongue (Penstemon procerus var. brachyanthus) with Haussknecht's sulphur flower (Eriogonum umbellatum var. haussknechtii) as seen on the north rim of the White River high on Mt. Hood.

The following represent plant lists for selected natural areas in Oregon. Some of the lists include plants from previous NPSO or WNPS field trips or may be based on voucher specimen data obtained from the Oregon Plant Atlas and the Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria. The remainder of the plants in each list have been seen and confirmed by the webmaster, Paul Slichter. The lists are generally incomplete at this point and are in PDF format. Some rare plants may have been omitted from the lists for their protection. Plants with parentheses around a variety or subspecies name, like (v. gracilis?) have been identified to species but the variety or subspecies ID is still uncertain. A question mark after the species name in parentheses, like Potentilla (gracilis?) indicates the genus is certain, but species ID is not. Question marks after the common name or whole scientific name indicate that the identification is uncertain, or it is a plant others have seen but I haven't verified its prescence yet.

Additions or corrections can be e-mailed to the webmaster at the address below (Data concerning fungi, grasses, lichens, mosses, rushes and sedges are especially welcomed for each site.). Lists may be updated several times through the 2011 season so check back days before your anticipated trip. You are free to use these plant lists (including print them out for a field trip) both for personal hike or a group field trip (say one used for a hike sponsored by the Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Native Plant Society of Oregon, or Washington Native Plant Society). For other uses of the list, please contact the webmaster at the E-mail address below.

Baker County

Anthony Lakes (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)

Deadman Canyon Trail #1869 from Fish Lake to Sugarloaf Mountain (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)

Hoffer Lake #1641 to the summit of Anthony Lakes Ski Area and along the ridgeline south to the Lakes Lookout (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)

VanPatten Lake Trail #1634 (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)

Monument Rock Wilderness

Clackamas County

High Rock (Mt. Hood National Forest)

High Rock Meadows (also known as Stringer Meadows: Mt. Hood National Forest)

Little Crater Meadows (Mt. Hood National Forest)

Multorpor Fen (at Government Camp, OR)

Roaring River Trail #518 (Mt. Hood National Forest)

Springwater Trail (from Rugg Road to Boring, OR - Clackamas County)

Table Rock (BLM)

Crook County

Bandit Springs Sno-Park (Ponderosa Loop and McGinnis Creek Loop Trails, 801 & 802 respectively, Ochoco National Forest)

Baneberry Trail (Ochoco National Forest) - Accessed from the north side of Lookout Mt.

Big Summit Prairie (Ochoco National Forest, BLM & Private Lands)

Indian Creek (Ochoco NF lands at NW corner of Big Summit Prairie)

Chimney Rock Trail (BLM)

Line Butte Trail #807 & Line Butte Tie Trail #807A (Ochoco National Forest - The south approach to Lookout Mt.)

Lookout Mountain (Ochoco National Forest - Trails on the north side of Lookout Mt.)

Maury Mountains (Ochoco National Forest)

Mount Pisgah as accessed from the north via Pisgah Meadows and FS Roads 2630 and 2230

Ochoco Forest Campground (Ochoco National Forest)

Rock Creek via the Ochoco Mountain Trail #823 hiking north from the trailhead on Road 38. (Ochoco National Forest)

Round Mountain via the Round Mountain Trail #805 (Ochoco National Forest)

Spanish Peak including FS Road 3800-200 (Ochoco National Forest)

Steins Pillar Trail #837 (Ochoco National Forest)

Twin Pillars Trail #832 from Bingham Springs (Mill Creek Wilderness & adjacent Ochoco National Forest)

Deschutes County

Oregon Badlands Wilderness & Horse Ridge WSA (BLM)

Pine Mountain (Deschutes National Forest, Deschutes County)

Gilliam County

Oregon Highway 19 from Condon, OR to US Highway 26 at Picture Rock Gorge

Grant County

Aldrich Mt. (Malheur National Forest)

Antelope Mt. Lookout (Malheur National Forest)

Baldy Mt. (Strawberry Mt. Wilderness)

Blue Ridge (Malheur National Forest)

Buckhorn Meadows Trail #205 from Buckhorn Meadows to the slopes above Wildcat Basin (Malheur National Forest and Strawberry Mt. Wilderness)

Calamity Lookout and FS Road #2860 (Malheur National Forest - Harney County)

Canyon Mt. Trail # 218 (Strawberry Mt. Wilderness)

Cedar Grove Trail #203A (Malheur National Forest)

Crawfish Lake Trail #1606 from the upper trailhead (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)

Dixie Butte (Malheur National Forest)

East Fork Canyon Creek Trail #211 (Malheur National Forest)

Fields Peak (Malheur National Forest)

FS Road #6510 - Road provides access to trailheads on the south side of Strawberry Mt. Wilderness (Malheur National Forest)

FS Road #2150 to Aldrich Mt. - from FS Rd #21 to Aldrich Mt. (Malheur National Forest)

FS Road #3925 - Along northern edge of Bear Valley (Malheur National Forest)

Logan Valley (Malheur National Forest)

Monument Rock Wilderness (Baker County)

North Fork Malheur Camp Ground (Malheur National Forest)

Oregon Highway 19 from Condon, OR to US Highway 26 at Picture Rock Gorge

Oregon Mine Campground & Vicinity, Along Murderer's Creek (Malheur National Forest)

Riley Creek Trail #216A (Malheur National Forest) - I will try to post this by Monday June 20. The Fields Peak plant list works well for this hike too and is more complete.

Shaketable Research Natural Area (Malheur National Forest)

Strawberry Lake & Upper Strawberry Creek Basin (Strawberry Mt. Wilderness)

Strawberry Mt. (Strawberry Mt. Wilderness)

Table Mt. - Accessed by FS Rd. #651 (Malheur National Forest)

Trail #3035 from Olive Lake to the Meadows at the Upper Reservoir, Greenhorn Mountains (Umatilla National Forest)

West Myrtle Lookout (Malheur National Forest)

Blue Basin (John Day Fossil Beds National Monument)

Sheep Rock Unit: Picnic Grounds & Interpretive Trails (John Day Fossil Beds National Monument)

Harney County

Calamity Lookout and FS Road #2860 (Malheur National Forest)

Idlewild Campground (Malheur National Forest)

King Mountain Lookout (Malheur National Forest)

Snow Mountain Lookout (Malheur and Ochoco National Forests)

Hood River County

Brooks Meadow (Junction of FS Roads #44 and #1720: Mt. Hood National Forest)

Cooper Spur to Lambertson Butte, Trail #600 (Mt. Hood Wilderness)

Eagle Creek Trail, Fish Hatchery to Upper Punchbowl Falls (Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness)

Hood River Meadows (Mt. Hood National Forest)

Hood River Mountain Meadows (Columbia River Gorge)

High Prairie, Gumjuwac Saddle and Lookout Mt. (Badger Creek Wilderness)

North and Bear Lakes (Mark Hatfield Wilderness)

Rainy Lake Trailhead (Mark Hatfield Wilderness)

Rainy Lake (Mark Hatfield Wilderness)

Tamanawas Falls

Timberline Trail: White River to Newton Creek (Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area and Mt. Hood Wilderness)

Top Spur Trail to Bald Mt. and McNeil Point (Mt. Hood Wilderness)

Trail #463 to Bonney Meadows and Bonney Butte (Badger Creek Wilderness)

Twin Tunnels Trail (Hood River, OR to Mosier, OR)

Umbrella Falls Trail #667 Upper Section from Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area Access Road to Vista Ridge (above Ski Area) (Mt. Hood)

Wahtum Lake/Chinidere Mountain (Mark Hatfield Wilderness)

Jefferson County

Alder Springs Trail #855 (Crooked River National Grasslands)

Gray Butte and Pine Ridge (Crooked River National Grasslands)

Steelhead Falls Trail (Deschutes Canyon-Steelhead Falls Wilderness Study Area - BLM

Lake County

Bald Butte (Fremont-Winema National Forest)

Hager Mountain (Fremont-Winema National Forest)

Hanan Trail #142 (Fremont-Winema National Forest)

Silver Creek Marsh Campground (Fremont-Winema National Forest)

Marion County

Cheat Creek and Wildcheat Meadow (Willamette National Forest)

Olallie Meadows and Adjacent Forest and Lakeshores (Mt. Hood National Forest)

Whitewater Trail #3429 to Jefferson Park (Mt. Jefferson Wilderness)

Multnomah County

Angel's Rest

Dalton Point Beach

Elowah Falls and McCord Creek Trails

Top Spur Trail to Bald Mt. and McNeil Point (Mt. Hood Wilderness)

Triple Falls Loop: Horsetail Falls Trail # 438, Oneonta Gorge Trail #424 to Triple Falls

Multnomah Bog (Upper basin of Multnomah Creek on north side of Larch Mt.)

Springwater Trail (from SE 136th Ave. to Linneman Station Trailhead)

Springwater Trail (from Linneman Station to Palmblad Road)

Springwater Trail (from Palmblad Road to Rugg Road)

Springwater Trail (from Rugg Road to Boring, OR - Clackamas County)

Sherman County

Deschutes River Access Road (North of Sherar's Bridge & Oregon Highway #216)

East Bank Deschutes River at its Mouth

Gordon Ridge Road (BLM lands south of Gordon Ridge Road, high above the Deschutes River)

Oregon Highway #216 (Grade uphill from Deschutes River to the east of Sherar's Bridge)

Umatilla County

Umatilla Rim Trail #3080 (North Fork Umatilla Wilderness) - A Botany Washington 2007 hike.

Union County

Catherine Creek State Park

North Fork Catherine Creek Trail #1905 from the trailhead to the south end of Catherine Creek Meadows (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)

Wallowa County

Buckhorn Campground and Lookout (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest)

Lick Creek Campground (Hells Canyon National Recreation Area)

Lick Creek Trail #1809 from the trailhead to the Imnaha Divide, and uphill a mile or so west along the Imnaha Divide (Hells Canyon National Recreation Area & Eagle Cap Wilderness)

Tenderfoot Trail #1819 & the Bonny Lakes Trail #1802 from the Tenderfoot Trailhead to Bonny Lakes (Eagle Cap Wilderness)

Trail: Buckhorn Lookout to Eureka Bar (Hells Canyon National Reacreation Area)

Hat Point Road (Hells Canyon National Recreation Area)

Zumwalt Prairie

Wasco County

BLM Parcel 1 Mile East of Celilo, OR

East Sevenmile Hill (USFS)

Four Sisters (Columbia Land Trust in Chenoweth)

Hunter Prairie (White River Wildlife Area)

Memaloose Area and Castilleja Hill Loop

Oregon Highway #216 at Sherar's Bridge

The Dalles Riverside Park

Twin Tunnels Trail (Hood River, OR to Mosier, OR)

US Highway 197 at Tygh Ridge Summit

West Bank Deschutes River at its Mouth

Wheeler County

Oregon Highway 19 from Condon, OR to US Highway 26 at Picture Rock Gorge

Painted Hills (John Day Fossil Beds National Monument)

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