[Wildflower Bloom Reports for Central and Eastern Oregon: 2007]

Wildflower Bloom Reports for Central and Eastern Oregon

April 8 , 2007

The photo above shows a close-up view of Henderson's desert parsley and its fruits as seen at the Painted Hills to the northwest of Mitchell, OR....................April 8, 2007.
Painted Hills Unit: John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

northwest of Mitchell , OR

* Indicates wildflower currently in bloom

*Yellow Bells: Fritillaria pudica - Fading out of bloom.

*Pale Alyssum: Alyssum alyssoides - Beginning to bloom.

*Bulblet Prairie Star: Lithophragma glabrum (formerly Lithophragma bulbifera)

*Henderson's Desert Parsley: Lomatium hendersonii - Both in bloom and going to seed.

*Biscuitroot: Lomatium macrocarpum - White-flowered form. Beginning to bloom.

Wildflower bloom is still in its early stages at the Painted Hills this season. The area received a good rainfall several days ago and a strong rainfront moved through the area this evening (Sunday night), so the ground should be moist enough to ensure good wildflower bloom in the area in late April and early May this season.

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