[The Parsley Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Biscuitroots and Desert Parsleys East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Lomatium

Cous (Lomatium cous) and John Day Valley Desert Parsley (Lomatium minus) seen in bloom along US Highway 97 west of Shaniko, Oregon..........March 10, 2015.

Cous (Lomatium cous) and John Day Valley Desert Parsley (Lomatium minus) seen in bloom along US Highway 97 west of Shaniko, Oregon..........March 10, 2015.

Swale Desert-parsley, Swale Desert Parsley, Wyeth Biscuitroot, Streambank Desert-parsley, Streambank Desert Parsley: Lomatium ambiguum (Synonyms: Cogswellia ambigua, Peucedanum ambiguum) -

Gumbo Lomatium, Gumbo-lomatium, Slender-fruited Desert Parsley, Wasatch Desertparsley, Wasatch desert-parsley: Lomatium bicolor var. leptocarpum (Synonym: Lomatium leptocarpum ) -

Brandegee's Desert Parsley: Lomatium brandegei -

Narrowfruit Biscuitroot, Nineleaf Desert Parsley: Lomatium brevifolium (Synonym: Lomatium triternatum var. var. brevifolium)

California Lomatium: Lomatium californicum -

Canby's Desert Parsley, Canby's Biscuitroot, Chuklusa: Lomatium canbyi -

Columbia Desert Parsley, Columiba Gorge Desert Parsley: Lomatium columbianum - A species of the Columbia River Gorge, it can be found up the Klickitat drainage in south-central Washington and on the eastern foothills of the Cascades in Wasco county, Oregon.

Cous, Cous Biscuitroot, Cous-root Desert Parsley: Lomatium cous -

Cusick's Biscuitroot, Cusick's Desert-parsley, Cusick's Desert Parsley: Lomatium cusickii -

Wenatchee Mts. Desert Parsley, Wenatchee Desert Parsley, Wenatchee Mountain Lomatium: Lomatium cuspidatum -

Fern-leaf Desert Parsley, Fern-leaf Biscuitroot: Lomatium dissectum var. dissectum -

Fern-leaf Desert Parsley, Fern-leaf Biscuitroot: Lomatium dissectum var. eatonii (Now lumped with var. multifidum below.) -

Fern-leaf Desert Parsley, Fern-leaf Biscuitroot: Lomatium dissectum var. multifidum (Synonyms: Leptotaenia multifida, Lomatium dissectum var. eatonii) -

Donnell's Biscuitroot, Donnell's Lomatium, Glaucous Lomatium: Lomatium donnellii (Synonym: Lomatium plummerae) -

Redfruit Desert Parsley: Lomatium erythrocarpum -

Northern Biscuitroot: Lomatium farinosum var. farinosum (Synonym: Peucedanum farinosum ) -

Hamblen's Lomatium, Hamblen's Biscuitroot, Hamblen's Desert-parsley: Lomatium farinosum var. hambleniae (Synonym: Lomatium hambleniae) -

Desert Biscuitroot, Fringed Desert Parsley: Lomatium foeniculaceum var. fimbriatum (Synonym: Lomatium foeniculaceum ssp. fimbriatum)

Fennelleaf Lomatium, MacDougal's Biscuitroot: Lomatium foeniculaceum var. macdougalii (Synonyms: Lomatium foeniculaceum ssp. macdougalii, Lomatium jonesii, Lomatium macdougalii) -

Geyer's Desert Parsley, Geyer's Biscuitroot: Lomatium geyeri -

Gorman's Desert Parsley, Gorman's Biscuitroot, Salt and Pepper: Lomatium gormanii -

Greenman's Desert Parsley: Lomatium greenmanii -

John Day Lomatium, Henderson's Biscuitroot, Henderson's Desert Parsley, Henderson's Lomatium: Lomatium hendersonii -

Idaho Lomatium, Idaho Biscuitroot: Lomatium idahoense -

Klickitat Desert Parsley, Klickitat Lomatium: Lomatium klickitatensis (Synonym: Lomatium grayi in part) - Distinct, pungent odor of foliage. Plants are larger, more rounded in form with longer leaf segments than similar L. papilioniferum. Endemic to the Columbia River Gorge near The Dalles, OR and adjacent Klickitat County in Washington.

Smooth Desert Parsley, Slickrock Biscuitroot, Slickrock Desert Parsley: Lomatium laevigatum -

Biscuit Root, Bigseed Biscuitroot, Bigseed Lomatium, Gray-leaf Desert Parsley, Large-fruit Desert Parsley, Large-fruited Lomatium: Lomatium macrocarpum (Synonyms: Cogswellia macrocarpa, Ferula macrocarpa, Lomatium flavum, Lomatium macrocarpum var. artemisiarum, Lomatium macrocarpum var. ellipticum, Peucedanum macrocarpum) -

John Day Valley Lomatium: Lomatium minus -

Mountain Lomatium: Lomatium montanum -

Nevada Biscuitroot, Nevada Desert Parsley, Nevada Lomatium: Lomatium nevadense var. nevadense -

Barestem Desert Parsley, Barestem Biscuitroot, Indian-consumption-plant, Pestle Parsnip: Lomatium nudicaule -

Ochoco Lomatium: Lomatium ochocense -

Blue Mountain Lomatium: Lomatium oreganum -

Leiberg's Desert Parsley: Lomatium orogenioides -

Packard's Lomatium: Lomatium packardiae -

Pungent Desert Parsley, Gray's Biscuitroot, Gray's Lomatium, Milfoil Lomatium: Lomatium papilioniferum (Synonyms: Lomatium grayi, Lomatium grayi var. grayi) -

Shepherd's Lomatium: Lomatium pastoralis -

Peck's Desert Parsley: Lomatium peckianum -

Salt and Pepper, Piper's Desert Parsley, Indian Biscuitroot: Lomatium piperi -

Umtanum Desert Parsley: Lomatium quintuplex -

Lassen Parsley, Raven's Biscuitroot: Lomatium ravenii var. paiutense -

Rollins' Desert Parsley, Rollins' Biscuitroot: Lomatium rollinsii -

Biscuitroot: Lomatium roseanum -

Salmonflower Biscuitroot, Salmon River Desert Parsley: Lomatium salmoniflorum -

Snake Canyon Desert Parsley, Snake Canyon Desert-parsley, Snake Canyon Lomatium, Sweetscented Biscuitroot: Lomatium serpentinum (Synonym: Cogswellia fragrans) -

Broad Fruit Lomatium, Nine-leaf Desert Parsley, Downy Desert Parsley, Great Basin Desertparsley, Great Basin Desert Parsley: Lomatium simplex var. simplex (Synonyms: Lomatium platycarpum, Lomatium triternatum ssp. platycarpum) -

Suksdorf's Desert Parsley: Lomatium suksdorfii -

Thompson's Desert Parsley: Lomatium thompsonii -

Broad Nineleaf Lomatium, Broadnineleaf Biscuitroot, Nine-leaf Desert Parsley, Nineleaf Biscuitroot: Lomatium triternatum var. anomalum (Synonyms: Lomatium anomalum, Lomatium triternatum ssp. triternatum var. anomalum) -

Nineleaf Biscuitroot, Nineleaf Desert Parsley, Nineleaf Lomatium: Lomatium triternatum var. triternatum (Synonyms: Lomatium simplex var. leptophyllum, Lomatium triternatum var. alatum, Lomatium triternatum var. macrocarpum, Lomatium triternatum ssp. triternatum, Lomatium triternatum ssp. triternatum var. triternatum) -

Hoover's Lomatium, Hoover's Desert Parsley, Potato Desert Parsley: Lomatium tuberosum -

Common Lomatium, Spring Gold: Lomatium utriculatum - A coastal species, a collection (mis-identified?) seems to have been made in northeastern Washington.

Broadsheath Desert Parsley, Broad-sheath Desert Parsley, Broad-sheath Lomatium, Sheathing Lomatium: Lomatium vaginatum (Synonyms: Lomatium utriculatum var. papillatum, Cogswellia vaginata) -

Watson's Desert Parsley, Watson's Desert-parsley, Watson's Lomatium: Lomatium watsonii (Synonym: Lomatium frenchii) -

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