Fairview Creek at the Salish Ponds, 2001-02

Columbia Slough Watershed Internet Resources


Information about Specific Water Tests

[Dissolved Oxygen] [Nitrate] [pH] [Phosphate] [Temperature] [Ammonia] [Stream Flow]


[Table of Q Values for determining water quality]

[How to Analyze Your Data]

The Student Watershed Research Project has information on some of the water quality test (better than the links above) as well as an on-line water quality ranking system. Click the following link then choose Teacher Information to choose the item you want.

[Student Watershed Research Project]

Local and State Government Agencies:

Bureau of Environmental Services: information on Portland’s watersheds including the Columbia Slough Watershed. http://www.enviro.ci.portland.or.us/ws.htm

City of Gresham Environmental Services: surface and storm water information. http://www.ci.gresham.or.us/departments/des/stormwater/

City of Fairview: one of the cities in the Fairview Creek/Columbia Slough watershed. http://www.ci.fairview.or.us/

Columbia Slough: technical report prepared for Bureau of Environmental Services. http://www.ce.pdx.edu/~wellss/pubs/slough/cop-public-rpt.htm

Fairview Creek flow data (USGS): Fairview Creek flow data at Glisan St, Gresham.  http://water.usgs.gov/or/nwis/uv?14211814

Columbia Slough flow data (USGS): Columbia Slough flow data at Portland, Oregon. http://water.usgs.gov/or/nwis/uv?14211820Additional

Resources:Columbia Slough - Center for Columbia River History: extensive history on the Columbia Slough.  http://www.ccrh.org/comm/slough/sndywill.htm

Columbia Slough Watershed Council: information about the Columbia Slough and the concerned stakeholders group.  http://www.columbiaslough.org/watershed.html

Metro Map: create your own maps.  http://metromap.metro-region.org/public/

Center for Coastal and Land Margin Research: information about chemical processes that affect the risks posed by contaminants in the sediments of the Columbia Slough. http://amb1.ccalmr.ogi.edu/projects/slough/sl2-0.html

EnviroNews from the Oregonian: article on the proposal to limit contaminants in the Columbia Slough. http://olive-live.webnet.advance.net/outdoors/jan/OU9801162EN.html

Fairview/Interlachen Community Project: reviews of a study of groundwater contamination on the Boeing-Cascade site in East Multnomah County, OR.  http://www.ce.pdx.edu/~wellss/pubs/fairview/index.html

Salmon & Water Quality

Salmon Restoration in an Urban Watershed: This concerns rehabilitation of the Johnson Creek for restoring salmon runs there, but would also be applicable for Fairview Creek.

Oregon Sea Grant- Salmon & Watershed Internet Resources

Student Watershed Research Project

Search the following links (by clicking on them) at the Student Watershed Research Project:

Student Data- Water Quality data from various streams in Multnomah, Clackamas, & Washington counties as collected by SWRP students.

Student Presentations- To see student abstracts & posters as presented at past SWRP Watershed Events (We will be attending this year, on Friday May 17, 2002).

Watershed Resources- Links to other streams on the internet.