[Sophomore Biology at GHS]

Sophomore Biology Assignments and Due Dates

Mr. Slichter's 6th Period Class

Review for Test on Semester Exam Day

Period 6 Test is: Monday January 23

Study from Books:

a) Energy & Life: pages 201-203

b) Photosynthesis: pages 204-207

c) Cellular Respiration: pages 221-222

d) Anaerobic Respiration (Fermentation): pages 224-225

e) Cell Division: pages 244-248 & page 253-253 (Tumours and Stem Cells)

f) Meiosis: pages 275-278

Study Online:



Tuesday January 17, 2006

Plant Cell Mitosis Diagram

Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction

Meiosis Diagrams

Mitosis Stages Cutouts

Review of Mitosis & Meiosis


Thursday January 15, 2006

Finish Aerobic Respiration Lab

Anaerobic Respiration Notes (See Handout)

Cell Cycle & Mitosis Notes (See Handouts)



Tuesday January 13, 2006 (2 hour late start today: Classes 53 minutes long!)

Begin Aerobic Respiration Lab

Cellular Respiration (aka Aerobic Respiration)


Wednesday January 4, 2006

1. Balancing Chemical Equations

2. Photosynthesis

3. Finish writing CIM Inquiries: Rewrite planning sheets)


Friday December 15, 2005

1. Begin writeup of CIM Inquiries: Data Tables, Graphs & Conclusion & Analysis


Wednesday December 13, 2005

1. Cim Inquiry

2. Begin CIM Inquiry Writeup (Click here for ideas!)


Monday December 11, 2005

1. Preparation for CIM Inquiry on Osmosis: Decide who will be bringing needed materials from home.

2. Shark Video


Thursday December 8, 2005

1. Review Game for Exam (Extra Credit)

2. Cell Structure & Cell Transport Exam

3. Finish missing assignments & turn them in!

4. Ski Puzzle.


Tuesday December 6, 2005

Homework: Study for Cell Structure & Cell Transport Exam The Cell Exam is Thursday December 8!

Due: a) Missing Assignments

b) Questions 1-6 from page 189 of textbook.

1. View demonstrations of onion cells in salt, and eggs in pure water and salt water.

2. Video: Cell Cytoplasm

3. Review for Cell Structure & Cell Transport Exam WS

4. Read pages 190-193 in your textbook & answer Questions 1-3 on page 193.

5. Surprise Quiz on Osmosis / Diffusion

6. Surprise Quiz on Cell Organelles


Thursday December 1, 2005 (Tomorrow is the 12 Weeks Progress Report Day!)

Homework: a) Finish missing assignments!

Due: a) Questions 1-5 from the 7.2 Section Assessment on page 181.

b) Cell Metaphor Posters (A cell is like a........)

c) All missing assignments!

1. Review of Diffusion & Osmosis.

2. Other methods of Cell Transport

3. Online Reviews of Cell Transport

4. Read Textbooks: pages 182-189

5. Answer Questions 1-6 on Page 189

6. Finish any missing class work (See Grade Reports at back of room, or Individual Grade Reports given to students).


Tuesday November 29, 2005

Due: a) Questions 1-5 from the 7.2 Section Assessment on page 181.

b) Cell Metaphor Posters (A cell is like a........)

1. Begin Cell Membrane Lab (cell model)

2. Diffusion / Osmosis Notes

3. Handout: How materials move across membranes.

4. Online Review of Diffusion / Osmosis

5. Quiz on Osmosis / Diffusion

6. Finish Cell Membrane Lab (Observe results, clean up, and finish questions)


Wednesday November 23, 2005

Homework: a) Finish Cell City Posters

b) Read textbook pages 174-181.

c) Answer Questions 1-5 from the 7.2 Section Assessment on page 181.

Due: Cell City Posters

1. Video: Cell Cytoplasm (See Handout Questions)

2. Review cell organelles

3. Cell Quiz

4. Finish Cell Metaphor Posters or Video (Scorpions)


Monday November 21, 2005

Homework: a) Finish Cell City Posters

b) Read textbook pages 174-181.

c) Answer Questions 1-5 from the 7.2 Section Assessment on page 181.

1. Surprise Quiz on Cell Organelles

2. Work on Cell City Posters


Thursday November 17, 2005

Homework: a) Finish comparing at least 10 cell organelles to objects in a cell or other idea of your choice.

Due: Questions 1, 2 & 4 from the 7.1 Section Assessment on page 173. (Due today!)

1. Online Review of Function of Cell Organelles

2. Finish Cell Labs

3. Begin Cell City Project


Tuesday November 15, 2005 (2 hour Late Schedule: 53 minute periods)

Homework: a) Read textbook pages 169-173.

b) Answer Questions 1, 2 & 4 from the 7.1 Section Assessment on page 173. (Due next class period!)

1. Cell Notes: Cell Organelles of Eukaryotic Cells

2. Online Review of Cell Organelles (Do the first 3 Reviews.)


Thursday November 10, 2005 (Modified Period Schedule)


Due: Questions 1, 2 & 4 from 7.1 Section Assessment of Textbooks on page 173.

1. The difference between Prokaryotic Cells and Eukaryotic Cells

2. Prokaryotic Cell Diagram / Eukaryotic Cell Structure Diagram (Plants & Animals)

3. Identify Cell Structures Online & Second Online Review

4. Cell Lab using Microscopes


Tuesday November 8, 2005 (Modified Period Schedule)


Due: After Test Puzzle.

1. Continue GHS dialogue.

2. Checkout Textbooks - Bring Student Body ID Cards

3. Finish Video: Invisible World (about 25 minutes) - Turn in completed video question worksheet.

4. How the Microscope was 1st invented & used.


Friday November 4, 2005

1. Quick review of Chemistry.

2. Chemistry Exam

3. Puzzle to work on quietly after exam.

4. Continue video: Invisible World (about 15-20 minutes)


Wednesday November 2, 2005

Homework: Review for Chemistry Exam this upcoming Friday!

Due: Finish & correct Review for Chemistry Exam Worksheet!

1. Review online for Chemistry Exam.

2. Review Game for Chemistry Exam

3. Begin video: Invisible World (about 10-15 minutes) - See handout video notes.


Monday October 31, 2005

1. Finish Enzyme WS from Lion Biology Book

2. Review for Chemistry Exam Worksheet (basic chemistry & organic molecules & pH)

3. Review online for Friday's Chemistry Exam.



Tuesday October 4, 2005

Vitamin C Inquiry Makeups

Graph Vitamin C Inquiry Results

Search Internet for Vitamin C Background Info

Begin writing Inquiries


Friday September 30, 2005

Retest Vitamin C Standards (0.025%, 0.050%, 0.075% & 0.100% Vitamin C)

Test Drinks and Juices for Vitamin C


Wednesday September 28, 2005

Prepare Procedures for Vitamin C Inquiry

Video: Oregon Field Guide- Scientific Study of Black Bears


Monday September 26, 2005

Begin Preparation for First Inquiry: Vitamin C Investigation

Internet Research for Background Information on Vitamin C


Thursday September 22, 2005

Review Scientific Method on Computers

Vitamin C Lab: Control Setup

Graph Vitamin C Control Results


Tuesday September 20, 2005 (2 hour late start: 53 minute periods!)

Homework: Finish DO vs Temp Graph and Scientific Vocab WS if you haven't!

Turn in: Scientific Vocabulary WS & Parent Signatures

Controlled Experiment Notes

First Graph (of DO vs Temp)


Friday September 16, 2005

Homework: Finish Scientific Vocabulary WS & get Parent Signatures on form. Due Tuesday!

Finish Scientific Method Video & turn in Video Notes

Writing a Detailed Procedure: Domino Lab

Scientific Vocabulary WS


Wednesday September 14, 2005

Review results of Scene of Accident

Dinosaur Tracks: Observations and Inferences

Scientific Method Video


Monday September 12, 2005

1. GHS Motto Exercise

2. Rules of the Classroom and all that "Icky" Stuff!

3. Continue Observations and Inferences from Cartoons

4. At the Scene of the Accident



Thursday September 8, 2005

1. Seating Chart

2. Introductions

3. Scientific Method Notes

4. Observation/ Inference

5. Make Observations & Inferences from Cartoons