[GHS Sophomore Biology]

Cell Structure & Cell Processes Reviews

Sophomore Biology


Study These Reviews to get Ready for your Cell Quiz

Cell Structure Review #1 Study this first. (Contains photos of cells you looked at through the microscope!)

2. Cell Structure Review #2 Study this second.

3. Cell Structure & Function Review #3 Study this third.

4. Cell Structure Review #4 This includes reviews concerning prokaryotic cells, and reviews of material from your readings in the book!

5. Cell Structure Review #3 This one is based on actual electron microscope photos of cells & may be a bit more challenging!

6. First Review of diffusion & osmosis

7. Review of diffusion, osmosis, and cell transport


Study These Notes to get ready for your Cell & Membrane Test

1. Cell Structure Notes

2. Diffusion and Osmosis Notes

3. Other Methods to Move Molecules In & Out of Cells

4. Cell Theory, Cell Size, Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cell Notes