IB Biology at GHS (1st Year): Table of Contents
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IB Biology

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IB Bio students determine which brands of popcorn are lowest in calorie value.


Current Assignments & Due Dates May 2008

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1. Ecology & Conservation

2. The Chemistry of Life

3. Cells

4. Nucleic Acids

5. Biotechnology

6. Genetics (mostly SL)

7. Cell Respiration & Photosynthesis

7. Human Anatomy & Physiology (For students taking the 2008 SL or HL Exam !)

8. Plant Science

Study of Fairview Creek at Salish Ponds (2001-2002)

Resources for DO Lab: Study of Fairview Creek at Salish Ponds

Good info on Dissolved Oxygen (Click on frog icon above): Click on "Teacher Info" on the side bar at left, then click on "Teacher Resources", then on "DO and Temperature".

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[Reviews for SL Biology Students Over Winter Break 2007!]

[Study Guides Specific for Exam Preparation for IB Biology] [Links]

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