[GHS Student Watershed Research Project]

Fairview Creek Water Quality

Student Watershed Research Project at Gresham HS



Inquiry Ideas


Internet Resources

1. Click on the frog to find other resources.

2. Once at SWRP, click on "Student Data".

3. Then on the next page, click on "Access Student Data."

4. Click on either Physical Chemistry or Nutrient Chemistry (read what data is in each!)

5. For data about Fairview Creek, click on "Lower Willamette Sub Basin".

6. On the next page, in the Chemistry Summary Reports, click on either "Physical Chemistry Summaries" or on "Nutrient Chemistry Summaries".

7. Fairview Creek sites will have the code FRV in the Site code column. Note also the date for each collection.

Copy and paste to your spreadsheet application or print the data. You will be responsible for rearranging your data tables. Printouts from SWRP or the GHS site are not acceptable!