[IB Biology Ecology Unit]

Review of Ecological Concepts


A) Be able to do the following:

a) Calculate biodiversity using the Simpson Biodiversity Index

b) Estimate population size using the Lincoln Index Example #1 & (Example #2)

c) Construct Population Age Structure Graphs Example #1 & Example #2

d) Interpret Ecological Pyramids (Pyramids of Energy, Pyramids of Numbers, Pyramids of Biomass)

B) Ecology Unit Notes

C) Online Reviews:

First Review of Classification

Second Review of Classification: Simple Animal Phyla

First Review of Trophic Levels, Food Chains and Food Webs

First Review of Ecological Pyramids (Pyramids of Numbers & Energy Pyramids)

First Review of the Ecological Niche

Second Review of Energy in the Ecosystem

Population Reviews #1

Population Reviews #2


Cycles - Includes the carbon cycle, greenhouse effect, acid precipitation, ozone depletion, sewage release, and use of biomass to create biofuels.

Biomes Review

Conservation of Species & Biodiversity

First Review of Natural Selection

D) Review Game for Ecology Final Exam

E) IB Ecology Unit Objectives

F) Terminology & Key Concepts for the 2007 Ecology Exam

Not on the 2006 unit test:

Natural Selection Notes

What to review in your books:

Populations: Chapter 23

Communities & Competition: Chapter 24

Cycles & Food Chains/ Webs: Chapter 25

Problems in our Biosphere: Chapter 27

Evolution: Chapter 20

Natural Selection: Chapter 21


If short on time, skim the chapters & concentrate on the "Summary of concepts" and "Discussing key terms" sections at the end of each chapter.