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Chaparral or Shrubland

Driving through chaparral, a region of numerous bushes and small trees with some grasses and small wildflowers (the latter of which grow and bloom quickly during the rainy season).

Vegetation Characteristics:

Chaparral shrublands are typically found in temperate areas on earth, in other words, those areas between the tropical and polar regions of earth. The dominant vegetation typically consists of low to medium height shrubs (bushes) and occasionally smaller trees. These accumulations of dense low plants that contain flammable oils within their sap makes fires a constant threat (Example: Southern California). Soils here tend to be thin and nutrient poor.


Average Monthly Rainfall Range: 0-70 mm

The chaparral usually have a definite dry, warm summer and rainy winter.


Average Monthly Temperature Range: 10-20 C.


Threats to the Chaparral:

1) Cutting and clearing of the chaparral for use as farmland (wineries), or more typically for grazing or conversion to city plots.

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