[The Sunflower Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Sunflower Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington


Wildflowers with Discoid Flower Heads

Columbia Cut Leaf: Hymenopappus filifolius

Columbia Cut Leaf: Hymenopappus filifolius

Members of the Sunflower Family with Flower Heads Looking like Buttons or Pincushions:

Flower Heads often look like fabric buttons or pincushions when viewed from above. The flowers usually appear rayless, and are usually all disk flowers:


Pathfinder Adenocaulon bicolor:

Bursages and Burweeds: The Genus Ambrosia

Bur Ragweed, Annual Bursage, Annual Burweed: Ambrosia acanthicapra (Synonym: Franseria acanthicarpa)

Annual Ragweed, Common Ragweed: Ambrosia artemisiifolia (Synonyms: Ambrosia artemisiifolia var. elatior, Ambrosia artemisiifolia var. paniculata, Ambrosia elatior, Ambrosia glandulosa, Ambrosia monophylla)

Pearly Everlasting Anaphalis margaritacea:

Wildflowers of the Genus Antennaria: The Pussytoes

Low Pussy-toes Antennaria dimorpha

Woodrush Pussy-toesAntennaria luzuloides

Field Pussytoes Antennaria howellii ssp. neodioica (formerly A. neglecta var. attenuata)

Field Pussytoes Antennaria howellii ssp. howellii (formerly A. neglecta var. howellii)

Slender Pussytoes Antennaria racemosa

Rosy Pussy-toes Antennaria rosea (A. microphylla)

Narrow-leaf Pussytoes Antennaria stenophylla

Umber Pussytoes Antennaria umbrinella

Wildflowers of the Genus Arctium:

Great Burdock, Greater Burdock: Arctium lappa (Synonym: Lappa major)

Common Burdock, Lesser Burdock, Small Burdock: Arctium minus (Synonym: Lappa minor)

Wildflowers of the Genus Arnica:

Rayless Arnica, Rayless Leopardbane: Arnica discoidea (Synonyms: Arnica discoidea var. eradiata, Arnica grayi, Arnica parviflora, Arnica parviflora ssp. alata, Arnica parviflora ssp. parviflora)

Wildflowers of the Genus Artemisia: The Wormwoods and Sagebrush

Biennial Wormwood Artemisia biennis:

Northern Wormwood Artemisia campestris var. scouleriana:

Douglas' Wormwood Artemisia douglasiana:

Dragon Wormwood Artemisia dracunculus:

Riverbank Wormwood Artemisia lindleyana:

Western Wormwood Artemisia ludoviciana:

Suksdorf's Wormwood Artemisia suksdorfii:

Mountain Wormwood Artemisia tilesii:

Wildflowers of the Genus Bidens: The Beggar Ticks

Leafy Beggar Ticks Bidens frondosa:

Wildflowers of the Genus Cacaliopsis: Silvercrown

Silver Crown Luina Cacaliopsis nardosmia (formerly Luina nardosmia):

Wildflowers of the Genus Centaurea: Knapweeds

Bachelor's Button, Cornflower, Garden Cornflower: Centaurea cyanus

Diffuse Knapweed, Tumble Knapweed, White Knapweed: Centaurea diffusa

Spotted Knapweed: Centaurea stoebe ssp. micranthos (Synonyms: Centaurea biebersteinii, Centaurea maculosa)

St. Barnaby's Thistle, Yellow Star Thistle, Yellow Star-thistle: Centaurea solstitialis

Wildflowers of the Genus Chaenactis: The False Yarrows

Hoary False Yarrow Chaenactis douglasii : Upright wildflower with cottony, lacy pinnate leaves. Several to many white or pink-tinged disk flowers which look like pincushions. Plants to 1.5 feet tall.

Wildflowers of the Genus Cirsium: The Thistles

Canada Thistle Cirsium arvense

Mountain Thistle Cirsium callilepsis (C. centaureae)

Weak Thistle Cirsium remotifolium

Wavy-leaf Thistle Cirsium undulatum

Bull Thistle Cirsium vulgare

Wildflowers of the Genus Gnaphalium: The Cudweeds

Slender Cudweed: Pseudognaphalium canescens ssp. microcephalum (formerly Gnaphalium canescens ssp. thermale and formerly G. microcephalum var. thermale) -

Lowland Cudweed / Western Marsh Cudweed: Gnaphalium palustre -

Purplish Cudweed: Gamochaeta purpurea (formerly Gnaphalium purpureum) -

Cotton-batting Plant: Pseudognaphalium stramineum (formerly Gnaphalium stramineum or formerly G. chilense) -

Marsh Cudweed: Gnaphalium uliginosum -

Wildflowers of the Genus Grindelia: The Gumweeds

Columbia River Gumweed Grindelia nana var. discoidea (formerly G. columbiana ssp. columbiana): Erect plants with distinctive reflexed or out-curved bracts on the involucres. They may look like spiny green balls. The leaves are oblanceolate with entire margins or with sharp to blunt teeth on the margins. The involucres are noticeably resinous.

Wildflowers of the Genus Hymenopappus:

Low-tufted Hymenopappus Hymenopappus filifolius var. filifolius - Plant to two or three feet tall. Several stems arise from a woody base. Leaves tufted at the base, once or twice pinnatified. Flowers discoid, yellow in color, about the width of a nickel.

Wildflowers of the Genus Lasthenia:

Smooth Lasthenia Lasthenia glaberrima -

Wildflowers of the Genus Logfia (Filago):

Field Cotton-rose, Field Filago, Cudweed: Logfia arvensis (Synonyms: Filago arvensis, Oglifa arvensis)

Wildflowers of the Genus Matricaria: Pineapple Weed

Disc Mayweed, Pineapple Weed Matricaria discoidea (Synonyms: Chamomilla discoidea, Chamomilla suaveolens, Matricaria matricarioides, Santolina suaveolens) - Low plants with stiff, often branched stems. Leaves are fern-like, with thin segments. Disk is elevated, like a green thimble. Plants have a noticeable pineapple smell when the herbage is bruised or crushed. A common weed of fallow fields and yards.

Wildflowers of the Genus Onopordum: Cottonthistles

Cottonthistle, Cotton Thistle, Scotch Cottonthistle, Scotch Thistle, Scots Thistle: Onopordum acanthium (Synonym: Onopordum acanthium ssp. acanthium)

Wildflowers of the Genus Petasites: The Coltsfoots

Arctic Coltsfoot, Sweet Coltsfoot, Western Sweet Coltsfoot Petasites frigidus var. palmatus (Synonyms: Petasites palmatus, Petasites speciosus) -

Wildflowers of the Genus Psilocarphus: The Woolly Heads

Dwarf Woollyheads, Dwarf Woolly Heads, Short Woollyheads: Psilocarphus brevissimus var. brevissimus (Synonym: Psilocarphus globiferus) -

Meadow Woollyheads, Tall Woollyheads, Tall Woolly Heads: Psilocarphus elatior (Synonym: Psilocarphus oregonus var. elatior) -

Oregon Woollyheads: Psilocarphus oregonus -

Slender Woollyheads: Psilocarphus tenellus (Synonym: Psilocarphus tenellus var. tenellus) -

Wildflowers of the Genus Pyrrocoma: The Goldenweeds

Columbia Goldenweed, Large-flowered Goldenweed, Rayless Goldenweed: Pyrrocoma carthamoides var. carthamoides (Synonyms: Haplopappus carthamoides ssp. carthamoides, Haplopappus carthamoides ssp. rigidus, Haplopappus carthamoides var. carthamoides): Prostrate wildflower with one to several stems, large oblanceolate leaves, and wide flower heads surrounded by widely triangular bracts. Flowers yellow and entirely discoid.

Wildflowers of the Genus Senecio: The Butterweeds or Groundsels

Sweet Marsh Groundsel Senecio hydrophiloides (formerly S. foetidus var. foetidus)

Great Swamp Groundsel Senecio hydrophilus

Common Butterweed Senecio vulgaris

Wildflowers of the Genus Tanacetum:

Common Tansy Tanacetum vulgare: Erect stemmed plants with many fern or pinnatifid leaves. Flower heads many and yellow in flat-topped clusters. Individual flower heads look like flattened fabric buttons.

Wildflowers of the Genus Xanthium:

Common Cocklebur Xanthium strumarium :

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