[Recommended Trips on Mt. Adams]

Wildflower Hikes of Mt. Adams

A meadow of paintbrush (Castilleja species) and glaucous penstemon (Penstemon euglaucous) at the Hellroaring Meadows Trailhead, between the Bird Creek Meadows parking lot and Bench Lake Campground on Yakama Nation lands................July 15, 2005.

Southeastern Mt. Adams: Trails on Yakama Nation lands.

Southeastern Mt. Adams: Trails in Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge and around Glenwood, WA.

Southern Mt. Adams: Trails from the Aiken Lava Flow in the east west to the Stagman Ridge Trail.

Western Mt. Adams: Trails from #2000 (PCT) in the south to Takhtakh Meadows in the north.

Northern Mt. Adams: Trails from the Divide Camp Trail to the Highline Trail in the northeast.

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