[Wildflower Hikes of Mt. Adams]

Wildflower Hikes of Southeastern Mt. Adams

Meadows of glaucous penstemon (Penstemon euglaucous) and paintbrush (Castilleja sp.) at the trailhead for the Hellroaring Meadows Trail on Yakama Nation lands..............July 17, 2005. The volcanic cone at the center of the photo is Little Mt. Adams with the Ridge of Wonders extending to the east face of Mt. Adams at the left of the photo.

Bird Creek Meadows (Includes the Round the Mt. Trail #9, and loop trail that leads to the Hellroaring Viewpoint.

Hellroaring Viewpoint to the Lateral Moraine of the Mazama Glacier

Hellroaring Meadows

Bench Lake

Island Springs Trail

Hellroaring Creek Loop Trail

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