[The Flora and Fauna of Mt. Adams Country]

The Ferns, Clubmosses and Liverworts of Mt. Adams

Lace Lip Fern: Cheilanthes gracillima

Lace Lip Fern: Cheilanthes gracillima

The Liverworts of Mt. Adams

The Clubmosses of Mt. Adams

Running Clubmoss: Lycopodium clavatum -

Sitka Clubmoss: Lycopodium sitchense -

The Grapeferns and Moonworts of Mt. Adams

Northern Maidenhair: Adiantum aleuticum (Pteridaceae)

The Lady Ferns of Mt. Adams (Dryopteridaceae)

Deer Fern: Blechnum spicant (Blechnaceae)

Lace Fern, Lace Lipfern, Lace Lip Fern: Cheilanthes gracillima (Synonym: Myriopteris gracillima) (Pteridaceae)

Cascade Parsley Fern, Cascade Rockbrake: Cryptogramma cascadensis (Pteridaceae)

American Parsley Fern, American Rockbrake: Cryptogramma acrostichoides (Synonyms: Cryptogramma crispa, Cryptogramma crispa var. acrostichoides) (Pteridaceae)

Brittle Fern: Cystopteris fragilis (Dryopteridaceae)

Pacific Oak Fern: Gymnocarpium disjunctum (Dryopteridaceae)

Pacific Oak Fern: Gymnocarpium dryopteris (now G. disjunctum ?) (Dryopteridaceae)

Pepperwort, Clover-fern: Marsilea vestita (Marsileaceae)

Long Beechfern: Phegopteris connectilis (Thelypteridaceae)

Irregular Polypody: Polypodium amorphum (Polypodiaceae)

Western Polypody: Polypodium hesperium (Polypodiaceae)

The Sword Ferns of Mt. Adams (Dryopteridaceae)

Bracken Fern: Pteridium aquilinum

Rocky Mountain Cliff Fern: Woodsia scopulina ssp. scopulina (Dryopteridaceae)

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