[The Rose Family in Mt. Adams Country]

Roses of Mt. Adams Country

The Genus Rosa

Nootka Rose: Rosa nutkana

Nootka Rose: Rosa nutkana

Baldhip Rose, Dwarf Rose, Little Wild Rose, Wood Rose: Rosa gymnocarpa (Synonyms: Rosa dasypoda, Rosa prionota) -

Bristly Nootka Rose, Nootka Rose: Rosa nutkana ssp. macdougalii (Synonyms: Rosa anatonensis, Rosa caeruleomontana, Rosa columbiana, Rosa jonesii, Rosa macdougalii, Rosa megalantha, Rosa nutkana var. alta, Rosa nutkana var. hispida, Rosa nutkana var. macdougalii, Rosa nutkana var. pallida, Rosa rainierensis, Rosa spaldingii, Rosa spaldingii var. alta, Rosa spaldingii var. chelanensis, Rosa spaldingii var. hispida, Rosa spaldingii var. parkeri) -

Clustered Rose, Clustered Wild Rose, Peafruit Rose: Rosa pisocarpa (Synonyms: Rosa pisocarpa var. rivalis, Rosa rivalis) -

Pearhip Rose: Rosa woodsii (Synonyms: Rosa arizonica, Rosa arizonica var. granulifera, Rosa covillei, Rosa lapwaiensis, Rosa pecosensis, Rosa ultramontana, Rosa woodsii ssp. ultramontana, Rosa woodsii var. arizonica, Rosa woodsii var. granulifera, Rosa woodsii var. ultramontana, Rosa woodsii var. woodsii) -

Pioneer Rose, Harison's Rose: Rosa x harisoni - Flowers large, up to 10 petals and yellow in color.

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